Diet: turmeric and piperine, the spice mix for weight loss

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Turmeric and piperine are two wellness spices that, when added together, help to reactivate the metabolism and burn fat

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They help burn fat, reduce the calories consumed and deflate the stomach: we are talking about turmeric and piperine, which make up a mix of spices ideal for the diet.

Piperine, the active ingredient of black pepper, and turmeric together create a concentrate of well-being, but above all an excellent remedy to lose weight quickly and without effort. Perfect to give flavor to every dish and rich in nutritional properties, turmeric is a spice of health. Useful for combating infections and inflammation, it is also perfect as a dietary supplement.

In fact, it allows the metabolism to sprint and has an antioxidant action. Experts recommend taking it together with piperine, which is the active ingredient of black pepper, which gives the spice a pungent taste, but above all favors the absorption of curcumin.

If taken together, piperine and turmeric are ideal for making the diet even more effective and burning calories quickly. Their secret to stimulate metabolism is the famous thermogenesis, a process that allows to act on fat cells. Not only that, these foods also help to counteract water retention, eliminating excess toxins and giving us a flat stomach. Finally turmeric and pepper promote a sense of satiety, helping to counteract nervous hunger.

How to lose weight with turmeric and piperine mix? Just put these foods in the diet to get good results immediately. Remember to follow a low calorie diet, using these spices to season your dishes.

The day begins with an herbal tea made with turmeric and black pepper, to give a boost to the metabolism from the early morning hours. After half an hour enjoy a plain yogurt and a cup of green tea. At lunch, enjoy pan-fried chicken seasoned with turmeric and black pepper, accompanied by steamed vegetables. At dinner instead you can taste a soup of vegetables and legumes flavored with the mix of spices. Between one meal and another you break the hunger with 30 grams of dried fruit and an herbal tea made with turmeric and piperine.

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