Diet with goat's milk and cheese: it helps metabolism and is rich in calcium and iron

Diet with goat's milk and cheese: it helps metabolism and is rich in calcium and iron

A real treasure trove of precious nutrients, goat milk is also perfect for slimming diets

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When it comes to adding dairy products to your diet, it is very important to choose them carefully. Doing so means, for example, considering the benefits of goat's milk. Characterized by an energy intake of about 76 calories per pound, it contains several valuable nutrients.

We can find vitamin A, an antioxidant that is precious to say the least for the body but also, as highlighted by the experts of the Humanitas group, also those extraordinary allies of the efficiency of metabolism which are the B vitamins (in goat milk we find in particular niacin, riboflavin and thiamin).

We could go on and on to list the reasons why this food is good for health. In the list, it is also worth mentioning the presence of calcium, a very important mineral for bone health, and iron. Goat's milk is also characterized by important anti-inflammatory properties and plays an important role in maintaining the efficiency of digestion.

Rich in high biological value proteins, whose intake helps to optimize satiety levels and to control weight, goat milk should be taken in moderation as it is a source of saturated fat and cholesterol. Distinguished by a pleasant delicate flavor, it can also be appreciated by bringing to the table the cheese that sees it as the main ingredient.

Goat cheese is a tasty and extremely healthy food. Digestible, it is derived from the milk of an animal which, unlike cattle, is raised in the mountain pastures and, for this reason, is not fed with industrial feed. Another reason why it is worth adding it to the diet concerns the low energy intake: in a hectogram of goat cheese, we find about 250 calories. By virtue of this peculiarity, we can speak of a food also suitable for slimming diets.

To fully appreciate the properties of the goat, it is advisable to move towards the natural fresh one, produced without adding rennet. Not subjected to pasteurization, it keeps its 'treasure chest' of vitamins. In addition, it is characterized by the presence of lactic ferments that make it a valuable food for intestinal health.

We conclude by remembering that it should be avoided in case of lactose intolerance and that, in any case, before adding it to the diet it is advisable to ask your doctor for advice.

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