Diet with raisins: controls cholesterol and activates the metabolism

Diet with raisins: controls cholesterol and activates the metabolism

Sweet and tasty, raisins are characterized by numerous beneficial properties

Dried fruits, properties and calories

The diet with raisins is a set of dietary recommendations that, if realized, allow to keep cholesterol under control and to activate the metabolism.

At the center of everything is sultanas, also known as raisins. Produced mainly in Turkey and Australia, it is exported all over the world and is characterized by an energy contribution of nearly 300 calories per hectare.

As also mentioned by Humanitas experts, raisins are characterized by the presence of an important content of polyphenols, substances with a strong antioxidant charge and having a fundamental role in contrasting bad LDL cholesterol. Not to be forgotten is also the contribution of B vitamins, whose influence on metabolism efficiency is very positive.

When appointing the raisin diet it is good to also consider other health benefits. Among these we find the benefits concerning sports performance. Interesting in this regard is a study published in the scientific journal Journal of the International Society of Sport Nutrition.

The research in question, which involved a team of experts from the University of California Davis, compared the times in the race of a sample of subjects who, before the sporting performance, had taken only water or raisin-based supplements . In the second case, performances were significantly higher than the first.

Rich in minerals such as copper, very useful for combating oxidative processes, raisins guarantee a good supply of fiber, nutrients that promote intestinal efficiency and resolution of abdominal swelling caused by constipation.

To introduce it into your diet, there are several alternatives that, in most cases, call into question breakfast. Among the ideas to start the day with taste and health we find, for example, Greek yogurt, an extraordinary source of noble proteins, to which you can add a spoon of raisins and 2/3 almonds.

Knowing the benefits of sultanas is important, but it is also important to find out about its contraindications. In this category there is the intake of anticoagulant and anti-aggregation drugs, medicines with which raisins can interfere. In light of this – but also due to the frequent presence of sulfur dioxide, a substance that can cause allergic reactions – it is advisable to consult your doctor before starting to take it.

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