Daniele Scardina in a Coma: Diletta Leotta’s Message for Her Ex-Boyfriend

Daniele Scardina in a Coma: Diletta Leotta’s Message for Her Ex-Boyfriend

Boxer Daniele Scardina recently underwent emergency surgery at the Humanitas clinic in Rozzano, sparking hours of concern and apprehension. This followed a sudden health crisis during his gym training session. Scardina, widely known as ‘King Toretto,’ is currently in a critical condition, and the prognosis remains uncertain.

King Toretto is a renowned Italian professional boxer with international acclaim. At 30 years old and hailing from Rozzano, he gained recognition not only for his sporting achievements but also for his appearance on “Dancing with the Stars.” Scardina has a strong passion for tattoos and spent a significant part of his life in the United States, training at the same gym frequented by boxing legends like Muhammad Ali.

Among the many well-wishers offering their support, both virtually and in other ways, is Diletta Leotta, his former girlfriend. On her Instagram stories, she wrote, “Forza Dani,” accompanied by praying hands emojis.

The Love Story Between Scardina and Leotta

Daniele Scardina I want to take her back Diletta Leotta left me

The romantic tale between Diletta and Daniele had its beginnings amidst boxing gloves. They first crossed paths during Scardina’s match against Kekalainen in March 2019, a fight Leotta covered for Dazn. As she stood on the sidelines, she couldn’t help but remark, “What slender legs he has!” It was love at first sight, and their relationship blossomed. Despite their initial attempts to keep it low-key, gossip magazines managed to capture their moments together several months before they publicly acknowledged their romance.

At the time of their meeting, Leotta was still involved with Mammì, while Scardina had recently ended his relationship with influencer Melissa Alvarez. Following Diletta’s breakup with her longtime partner, the couple enjoyed a getaway to Ibiza. As their love story unfolded, Scardina expressed, “We started this journey slowly, being cautious not to draw too much attention, but now it has become significant. There’s no denying it. It has filled the void I felt inside.” These heartfelt words were shared by Scardina on the eve of their first Christmas together.

By July 2020, rumors of a split between the two began circulating, eventually being confirmed. Despite Scardina’s efforts to reconcile with the journalist, they ultimately parted ways for good.