Discover the hair brush that's right for you: here are some tips

Discover the hair brush that's right for you: here are some tips

You don't always comb your hair with the right hairbrush: we see, depending on the type of hair, the best type of brush so as not to damage the hair

Spasso, when you buy a hairbrush, you don't think if it's suitable for your hair: many women buy a comb or a brush attracted more by the packaging or by amazing effects that you have read somewhere, rather than by the true functionality . Unfortunately, this is one of the main causes of damaged, brittle or easily detached hair.
Let's try to quickly see the various types of brushes and combs that every store definitely offers, compared to the type of hair to comb.

Let's start with fine hair: being often knotted, fragile and with a great tendency to become opaque, the best brush is the classic one, oval and fairly flat. This hairbrush polishes the hair and at the same time untangles the knots without breaking the lengths or creating split ends.
Another not-so-positive characteristic of fine hair is that they flatten out too easily; for this reason it is good to give them a little more volume. The comb suitable for this purpose is the tail comb, with dense teeth: it is perfect for combing the roots and creating an eighties-style hair, even with extensions.

In case of thick drums, the optimal hair brush is the oar one: this brush is characterized by a flat and very wide rectangular head. It is perfect for wavy hair (but also smooth or curly, the important thing is that they have a large structure), as it smoothes the hair and makes it softer.
Every hedgehog is a whim: for curly, wild and untamable hair, the alternative to the fingers is given by the wide-toothed comb, also excellent for dense spiral curls in Afro style and for styling. If possible, better prefer it in wood rather than plastic.

It is often said not to comb the hair in the shower or wet: well, just use a brush with soft plastic bristles, perfect for distributing shampoo, conditioner or cream over the entire length.
Finally, for a true diva styling, you need to use a round hair brush (also called a roller), made of ceramic or metal: it is the ideal solution for drying straight hair, to which you want to give a tiled effect, but also to give sinful waves to wavy ones.

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