DIY home manicure: how to remove semi-permanent, gel and normal nail polish

DIY home manicure: how to remove semi-permanent, gel and normal nail polish

Here's how to remove gel or semi-permanent polish by yourself and make a perfect manicure, even at home

Closed beauty centers and as well as hair, which inexorably see the dreaded regrowth appear, even the nails, in particular those with semi-permanent nail polish or gel, are victims of time that passes, without being able to remedy with a fresh and perfect manicure . Given the circumstances, although it would normally be better to rely on expert nail technicians, it is necessary to resort to DIY. The steps to follow are not many, but they must be carried out carefully so as not to risk weakening the nail and causing trauma. Solvent, file and new nail polish in hand, here's how to get a manicure at home in the simplest way possible.

The first step is to remove the surface layer of enamel

If you have a manicure with simple polish, simply take a cotton ball, nail polish remover, pass it over and the polish will be removed, a fairly simple and quick procedure. If, on the other hand, you have a gel or semipermally cover, it should rely on a file, with a rather coarse grain, with which to eliminate the surface layer composed of the Top Coat and part of the color.

With the file, proceed to gently scratch the nail polish, taking care to proceed slowly to avoid the risk of injuring yourself by filing the skin around it. Once this step is completed, there are two schools of thought: those who recommend using only the file and those who, on the other hand, suggest using a solvent. In the first case, just continue gently filing the nail until all the color and base layer has been eliminated, paying close attention not to file the natural nail, so as not to weaken it.

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In the second case, however, after carrying out the first superficial filing, we proceed by soaking the solvent wads, resting them on the nail and then wrapping the finger with a piece of aluminum paper, until covering the entire tip. Leave on for about ten minutes and, once the wrapping has been removed, the nail polish or gel should be softened and slightly raised. At this point, with a wooden stick of orange or a pusher cuticle, you proceed to gently lift and remove any residue.

If with the first method you risk filing the natural nail too, going to weaken it, with the solvent you risk attacking and drying it, as well as the surrounding skin. Whatever your choice, therefore, pay close attention.

File the nails to bring them all back to the same length

Now that the nail polish is no longer present, with a fine-grained file it is time to shorten the nails or arrange them, to give them the same shape and length. It would be better to always file them from the same side, for a more delicate impact.

In the case of very long nails, however, you can proceed to file them before removing the half-serious or gel, so as to remove most of the old nail polish before starting the filing process. It would be better, however, not to use nippers, clippers or scissors, because it would risk causing trauma to the nail.

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Push the cuticles and prepare the nail for the new nail polish or treatment

With a cuticle pusher or an orange wood stick, gently push and remove the cuticles around the nail, after softening them with an oil or cream. Be careful to proceed gently to avoid sudden movements with which you could injure yourself. It is better not to use cutters to cut the cuticles, because you could risk injuring yourself.

Clean your nails from excess oil or cream and proceed to spread a base of nail polish, possibly reinforcing, then two colored layers, waiting before the first coat is completely dry. As a last step a protective Top Coat that gives a shiny effect to the nails and, once dry, a moisturizing cream and a cuticle oil, to finish the manicure.

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However, if the nails are particularly weak, it is better not to apply the nail polish immediately, but to leave them free to breathe, applying protective creams and treatments. A very simple treatment to carry out at home is to apply a rich, nourishing and moisturizing cream, creating a fairly full-bodied layer. Do not totally massage the cream, but put on cotton gloves and leave on for at least half an hour or overnight, if you do the treatment before going to sleep. For the nails, however, a little olive oil mixed with a few drops of lemon essential oil will be enough, to be applied every evening with a brush, for effective results and strong and healthy nails.

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