Do you love clothes? But do you know which type you have to choose based on your body?

Do you love clothes?  But do you know which type you have to choose based on your body?

If you are a lover of clothes you are on the right style guide, because today here on CheDonna we will see how to choose the type of dress that best suits our body! To always be at the top on every occasion!

Clothes for many of us are the symbol of summer! We can’t wait for the sultry and sunny days to come to wear one of our favorite dresses! But are you sure that the dress you love so much is for you? Does the type of dress enhance your body? Up here today CheWoman we will find out together how choose the type of perfect suit based on our physical shape! Let’s begin!

Physical type clothes

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We all have our favorite dress in the closet! Why do we love clothes so much? For many reasons. The first is definitely ease of use: we take the dress from the wardrobe, put it on, match the right shoe and we are ready to go out without having to think about combinations. The second one is the convenience: even when we don’t feel particularly comfortable with our body when we wear it we feel beautiful.

But sometimes it can happen that instead of looking beautiful we don’t like each other. Do you know why? Because we have chosen the type of dress that does not suit usi, or rather, that does not enhance our body!

Exactly, becausefor every type of body there is the dress model that best highlights our body shape, and that will make us feel at the top!

Do you want to find out which dress model you will have to choose based on your physicality? Let’s read it together here on CheWoman!

Choose the right type of dress to enhance your body. Rectangle, apple, pear, in which body shape do you reflect yourself?

The types of physique are commonly divided into certain categories: apple-shaped for those with small shoulders and wide hips, pear-shaped those with large breasts and hips and small waist, rectangle those who have an elongated physicality but without a very defined waistline. However, we must learn not to focus too much within these categories, but to understand what our body needs to feel valued!

Physical type clothes

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and we see chow to choose the right types of clothes according to our body:

  • empire style dress: by empire style we mean that type of dress that has a seam or an elastic under the breast. This type of dress is perfect for those who have a body with a prosperous bust and wide hips and a small waist.
  • fitted dress: knit dresses or sheath dresses were the symbol of femininity in the 60s, but it’s not for everyone. The fitted dress will look good on all those who have a so-called curvy physicality. In this way the adherent fabric will stand out the lines of the body enhancing them.
  • bag dress: the wide and seamless model is not for everyone, because it risks giving us an appearance that does not belong to us. But it is perfect on many occasions. For example, those who have a physique that shows small shoulders and slender legs, but a pronounced belly and hips, can choose a short bag dress. Remember the 60s-style straight mini dresses? They are the ones that will suit you! By the way, Letizia Ortiz protagonist of a fashion accident! Here’s what happened!

Physical type clothes

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Now you know all the secrets to correctly choose your best dress according to your physicality! You just have to create your outfit and shine like never before!

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