Do you smell strange flavors? Here’s what it depends on and how to intervene

Do you smell strange flavors?  Here's what it depends on and how to intervene

Smelling strange flavors can depend on many factors. Find out which are the main ones and how to intervene correctly.

If you happen to smell strange flavors too, the first thing you need to know is that you are not alone. It is, in fact, an aspect that in the course of life can occur at least once for each of us. And when this happens the consequences (as well as the duration) can be different.

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Feeling strange flavors can in fact depend on various reasons that can range from the simplest to the most worrying. For this reason if the sensation lasts for more than a day and if you are not cold, it is important to talk to your doctor. In this way it will be possible to begin to understand the cause in order to find a solution.

Strange flavors? Here’s what it depends on and how to act

The sense of taste is something that accompanies us from birth. Thus, we tend to consider it as something taken for granted and which cannot vanish at any moment. The truth is that the way of perceiving flavors can vary over time and at times it can change over the course of life, leading to losing the right perception of what you eat.

strange flavors

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A more serious problem than you think, especially because in the long run it risks making the desire to eat go away, making it difficult for others to cook. But how does such a phenomenon generally appear?

In some cases the main symptom is not tasting what you eat. Sometimes you feel a bitter or otherwise unpleasant taste both while eating something and even at random moments of the day. In other cases, much rarer, you can really lose the sense of taste and no longer distinguish any flavor.

Going to the causes, the most common are colds or viral infections which, fortunately, vanish quickly, also taking away the altered taste. There are other causes that should instead be investigated, especially when the problem persists and which are gastroesophageal reflux which leads to acid tastes in the mouth, ear infections and nasal diseases such as septal deviation, chronic sinusitis or formations of polyps. Loss of smell can also lead to problems in taste perception.

These are followed by any chemo, use of drugs that report this contraindication, head trauma, throat, nose or ear surgery, dental problems and covids. These are just the most common causes to which smoking, poor hydration, the presence of neurological diseases and the use of psychotropic drugs can also be associated.

In the presence of an altered taste or even if you perceive strange flavors it is therefore very important to talk to the doctor in order to understand how to act. Feeling strange tastes or not smelling them at all pin fact, it can lead to eating little or to access with condimentsextremes that can lead to the onset of different diseases.

Furthermore, understanding the cause of the problem can help your doctor find a solution which can sometimes be the cure of an allergy or an infection and at other times the replacement of one drug with another. All remedies that can be put in place only after identifying the exact source of the problem.

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