Do you want a flat stomach? Here are the best natural remedies

Dr Oz's fast diet for a flat stomach

A flat stomach is a dream for many women. Abdominal bloating is in fact a very common annoying problem. Do you know which are the most effective natural remedies?

Swollen belly? Find out which 5 vegetables cause it

Are you among the people who suffer from abdominal bloating? From nature come a series of effective remedies to solve this annoying problem. Here are 5 to try now.

Fennel helps absorb intestinal gas and reduces intestinal tension caused by swelling, frees the body from excess waste so the belly flattens and deflates. In addition to being an ingredient in the kitchen, you can consume it in the form of herbal tea.

Among the many properties of ginger there is also that of doing good to the whole digestive system, strengthening the walls of the intestine and preventing the development of some ailments affecting this organ such as aerophagia and meteorism. Among the spices, even chilli has deflating power.

Vegetable charcoal is found in herbal medicine in the form of tablets or tablets. It is a supplement used for gastrointestinal disorders such as bloating, colitis, bloating, diarrhea and intoxication. Its effectiveness is linked to the ability to absorb the gases present inside the intestinal system, for this reason it is one of the best solutions in the case of aerophagia.

Anise helps digestion and reduces intestinal fermentation. For this reason it is widely used against meteorism and aerophagia. It also has antispasmodic, balsamic and stimulating properties, all to the benefit of the digestive system. It is not by chance that it is often consumed in digestive and refreshing herbal teas. Cumin also has properties similar to those of anise.

Mint has a carminative action by acting on the stomach and intestinal gas. It also has an antispasmodic activity, allowing correct functionality of the gastrointestinal walls and colon. It is therefore useful in case of colic of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to mint, other herbs also act positively on abdominal swelling, especially lemon balm, chamomile and linden.

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