Do you want to make the nail polish dry faster? Follow these simple steps

Don’t have time or desire to wait? Then follow these tips to get your nail polish dry in the blink of an eye.

We’ve all been through it now. As soon as our manicure is finished, we touch or brush something and the damage is done: ours enamel is smudged.

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But don’t worry, there is a remedy for everything. There are some steps which you can follow to avoid smudging the still sticky nail polish. Let’s find out together.

Get your nail polish to dry faster with these simple tips

Do you know how long it takes for nail polish to dry? If you have applied a base, two layers of color and a top coat, then the drying time should be around about two hours.

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Curious to find out which solutions you can use to make your nail polish dry faster? Below you will find the answer.

  • Always apply a baseNo matter what is needed for your desired look, never skip this step
  • Keep the application as thin as possibleIf you’re short on time, opt for a sheer manicure. You can apply less product, which obviously leads to a faster drying time
  • Don’t use old, sticky nail polish: avoid using nail polish older than six months. If it has a thick consistency, this usually indicates that it is no longer good
  • Choose a good top coat: essential to obtain a result that is always at the top!
  • Use a quick-drying oil or nail-drying sprayBoth of these products lock in moisture and protect your nails from smudging
  • Run your nails under cold water: You can also soak your fingers in ice water for about three seconds. In fact, the temperature difference will keep the color in place, but be careful when drying your hands. Use paper towels rather than those of cloth because the fabric could stick to the enamel.

Even if the fateful two hours have passed, you are still not immune from possible smudges. To help your manicure last longer, for example you can wear a pair of gloves to do any house cleaning. In fact, the chemicals contained in detergents can dry out the enamel causing it to break.

In addition, we also recommend that you apply a cuticle oil or conditioner two or three times a day. This will keep the nail, cuticle and surrounding skin hydrated. Also, to maintain color and shine, you can apply a layer of top coat every few days until your next manicure.

Essential: avoid touching your clothes or any fabric, and try not to come into contact with hot or humid environments. He therefore tries not to shower immediately afterwards and avoids going to the gym.

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