Does nude lipstick make you too pale? Here’s how to choose the right one

rossetto nude sbagliato

If you always feel that you are too pale when you wear nude lipstick, you probably don’t choose the right one!

This is a very common mistake, which we run into especially during the summer. The final effect is a not too captivating look, which seems to take away our vitality instead of making us appear more beautiful and fascinating.

wrong nude lipstick


In most cases this “wrong” effect is caused by one bad choice of product to use on the lips.

In fact, when choosing a nude lipstick, it is strictly necessary to keep in mind some factors that in the case of other lipsticks can be neglected without ruining the final look.

One of these factors is undoubtedly the texture. The ideal nude lipstick is what it is keeps lips hydrated and soft, which then minimizes vertical lip splits and which limits the formation of small cracks and skin.

A nude lipstick with a creamy texture it is therefore ideal for the summer period, during which the lips tend to dry out faster and easier. If you also have this problem, here we have explained how to remedy and have soft lips with even and hydrated skin throughout the summer.

Obviously the main problem with creamy lipsticks is that they tend to last less of those with a matte texture and that can smudge. To limit the problem we recommend that you always use the transparent lip pencil. It is a basic wax-based product for summer make-up (here we explain how it is made and all the ways in which we can use it).

How do you choose the right color for nude lipstick in summer?

One of the big make-up problems in the summer period consists indiscolouration of our skin caused by tanning. So over the summer our complexion becomes warmer and darker compared to our typical winter color.

Just nude lipstick


This is a subtle but very important change to achieve flawless face makeup even in the summer. This means that you will have to choose new products, of a slightly different color than those we use in winter.

In particular we will have to change color of concealer, foundation and blush. In all three of these cases you will have to opt for the choice of products with a slightly warmer tone, that is, with a greater presence of orange color.

Since a nude lipstick is intended to very faithfully reproduce the color of the lips, the same problem will arise when we have to choose a product to use in the summer.

In fact, it must be borne in mind that even the skin of the lips tans, furthermore, since the skin all around the lips will become darker, it will be necessary to ensure that the lips do not blend in with the skin.

Indeed, the skin of the lips is always naturally darker than that of the rest of the face. For this reason, if we used a color too similar to that of the face for the lipstick, we would get the classic “Foundation effect”. This expression indicates the fact that lips appear “erased” because it made it almost perfectly uniform compared to the rest of the skin of the face, exactly as it happens when we apply the foundation.

To work around this problem is It is essential to choose a nude lipstick that is similar to the color of the inner mucous membrane of the lips more than the actual color of the lips.

In practice, when choosing the lipstick or moving towards the choice of a new “nude” color, it is essential to take the lower lip with your thumb and forefinger to “turn it over” in order to expose the internal mucosa.

The new lipstick should be as similar as possible to that color, always darker than the outer one. In this way we will be sure to choose a color dark enough to bring out the shape of the lips in a decisive way and give the look a greater sensuality without making us appear too pale and inexpressive.

At most you can opt for a slightly warmer color, just to better harmonize the color with the complexion made warmer by the tan.

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