Does wisteria makeup drive you crazy? Here’s how to get it from 20 to 40 years old

In spring, pastel-colored makeup is a must and wisteria is the absolute top. Also often labeled as suitable for little girls only, that’s not the case at all!

In fact, wisteria lends itself to many different interpretations and is really well suited to both a fresher and more playful make-up and a more adult make-up.

wisteria eye makeup


It all depends, of course, on the colors we decide to combine it with but also on the finish of the products we are going to use to create the look.

As for thecolor blindness, wisteria looks great on all girls from fair skin with a cool undertone.

Wisteria or Lilac is part of the women’s “friendly colors” palette belonging to the seasons cold winter and cold summer.

The perfect wisteria makeup for young girls

Wisteria lends itself perfectly to a long series of combinations and variations that young and very young girls will love for sure.

eye makeup wisteria 20 years


For a young and fresh makeup the ideal are combinations with pink, light blue, white and all other pastel colors.

These colors lend themselves very well to the realization of very airy and light looks, which almost give the impression of being made with watercolors.

In this case the ideal finish is slightly shiny or shimmer. The look will have even more light and the final effect will be even fresher.

The lovers of the contrast eye makeup they will be happy to know that wisteria makeup goes perfectly with i fluorescent colors, another of the must-haves of eye make-up in recent months.

It is also perfectly suited for making a super glow eye makeup, especially if you use them cream eyeshadows instead of powder eyeshadows.

Since it is not a particularly intense color, it can be used to make a monochromatic eye make-up which certainly will not weigh down the gaze. On the contrary, it will make the eyes appear bigger: it is a perfect make-up for girls with small or narrow eyes, who will “magically” see them widen.

Another successful combination is the creation of a winged black eyeliner which can also be used for “To transform” the eyes from western to almond-shaped eyes typical of (beautiful) oriental girls.

The wisteria eye makeup for over 40s

If you want to make a ideal wisteria eye makeup for ages 40 and up the advice is to aim for combination with darker colors and from finish matte.

eye makeup wisteria 40 years


In this way the look will acquire depth without losing lightness. In addition, the matte finish will mask the small wrinkles and imperfections of the eyelid that begin to be visible from the age of 35 onwards.

However, this does not mean that you should definitely give up shiny and shiny make-up after the age of 40! It is a make-up ideal for special occasions, which can still be achieved perfectly even on an eyelid that begins to show some wrinkling.

To do this it is essential use a small amount of eye primer with which to smooth out small wrinkles and minimize the unevenness of the eyelid. At this point we can apply a eyeshadow with a shimmer finish or even with glitter without the fear that it may accentuate fine lines.

For a long lasting makeup the secret is in choose shimmer eyeshadows with a very fine grain and without too large reflective particles inside. In fact, too big glitters are also very heavy and they tend to fall off easily due to the movement and small wrinkles of the eyelids.

In the end, to give the look a more adult and seductive aspect you will not be able to renounce several coats of mascara or a couple of Fake eyelashes that make the look more mysterious. What if you’re not particularly familiar with applying false eyelashes? Don’t worry: magnetic false eyelashes are the ultimate solution to all inexperience problems, and they don’t even ruin your lashes because they don’t need adhesives!

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