Does your car stink? Here is the natural and inexpensive remedy you did not expect

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If your car stinks, don’t worry: you can safely use an inexpensive, natural and sustainable remedy. Here’s what it is.

Our car it doesn’t always smell great, let’s face it. Notwithstanding that it should be periodically taken to the car wash to remove the bulk of the dirt, we often know that this sediments and remains hidden somewhere.

Car stinks

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Often it is the seats that give off a bad smell, other times it is simply the mats.

In fact, we enter the car even with dirty shoes under the sole and we don’t always make sure not to bring inside also garbage.

And add to that that sometimes we eat inside the car, therefore crumbs and food remains can form and remain inside it even afterwards.

It’s still, hair, hair, debris however, in the long run various can give life to unpleasant odors.

Do not worry though: all this is a remedy. Obviously this is also the case in this case. If your car stinks, there is a surefire solution you can put into practice.

Here’s what you can use if your car stinks

There is a foolproof solution you can take if your car stinks: it is of an ingredient that you have for sure at home.

Car stinks

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This is coffee. Not everyone knows that this is able to neutralize bad smells, when used in the right way.

How you do it? It is enough for you take about 3 tbsp of coffee, bring a tulle bag (or in any case in a container) and leave it inside the car to make it smell. You can also use this same remedy for other areas covered by bad smells in the house (or for example in the refrigerator when it gives off an unpleasant smell).

There are also some valid alternatives to coffee. One for example is bicarbonate, very useful especially if the car smells of humidity.

How to use it? Simply put some in a bowl and leave it on the mats or dashboard overnight.

They also exist some scented wooden balls that we can use to remove bad smells: we can find them ready, or make them at home, using the essences we have and whose smell we like.

And again, if you have some cotton bags you use to perfume wardrobes, know that they will safely perform their task even in the car.

If you don’t have them, you can easily recreate them wherever you are. How? Take a bag that you have empty, or make it by taking any fabric and sewing three sides (except the top one). Insert lavender inside, or any other scented substance you like.

And if you live in an area where it is still hot, here is an infallible remedy to cool the car and save on consumption at the same time.

Either way, this is a surefire way to remove bad odors at virtually no cost.

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