Domenica In, Mara Venier is moved with Ranieri remembering her mother

Domenica In, Mara Venier is moved with Ranieri remembering her mother

Guest at "Domenica In" Massimo Ranieri, who talked about the women in his life, moving even Mara Venier

Mara Venier, 70 years of love and career

Great emotions on Domenica In: the program conducted by Venier does not stop even for the Christmas holidays and continues to keep the public company. The guest of the Sunday lounge of "Zia Mara" was Massimo Ranieri, who talked about himself in the round, between the most important stages of his career and the great loves of his life.

The interview with the singer reserved funny and touching moments: the memory of his beloved mother is moving. Massimo Ranieri recalled, with his eyes veiled with tears, watching a film dedicated to her: "The most exciting moment of Mum, with a capital 'M', when she opened her bag while she was speaking, took a handkerchief and gave me I wiped the sweat from my forehead, I didn't expect it ”.

Moved, he added: "She was particular, she was a very strong woman, a carabiniera, and I understand her, because she had to keep so many children at bay". Massimo recalled the Christmases spent in the family, the jobs he did as a child, just 7 years old, before his life changed with the arrival of success: "At that moment you don't think about it, but those episodes helped me to participate to the sufferings of others. It was very hard but there was a lot of love. I still remember that because of the cold in the house to warm my feet I put them on my father's ass ".

The memory of Ranieri by Lucia Bosé, to whom he was linked by a long and deep friendship, is also moving: “I was crazy about her, I was in love, I confess. She was 38 at the time, I was 18, for me she was a goddess. Lucia was wonderful, with a sensational sympathy, beautiful and very nice ”he admitted.

The artist said: "When she wasn't acting together she was always very loving and I always missed this as a kid because I worked, my mom didn't have time to give us caresses, she made me melt. But I didn't see her as a mother, I saw her as a beautiful woman ”.

Between one performance and the next Massimo Ranieri sang the most famous lines of a great classic of Neapolitan music, Reginella, which touched the heart of Mara Venier, who could not hold back her tears: "This was the song that my mom loved it and I always sang it to her. I sang it to her until the end, even the morning she left. And I thank you because you can't stop emotions! I have never heard from it since ".

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