Domenica In, Sandra Milo talks about her great loves and receives a surprise live

Domenica In, Sandra Milo talks about her great loves and receives a surprise live

Sanda Milo, guest on "Domenica In", tells of her love for her children and for her boyfriend Alessandro

Sandra Milo, the story of a diva

Impossible not to give in to emotions, in the sitting room on Domenica In: guest of the show, Sandra Milo indulged in many confessions about her private life and told some details about her boyfriend Alessandro. Then Mara Venier surprised her with a truly touching gift.

A brilliant career, an incredible talent that led her to become one of the most important actresses in Italian cinema: Sandra Milo is this and much more. A guest on Domenica In, she told herself in the round, deepening in particular some aspects of her most intimate sphere, of her life away from the spotlight. Over the years she has experienced great and overwhelming loves, starting from her first marriage with Cesare Rodighiero – she was only 15 years old – which lasted a few days. And then the wedding with the Greek producer Moris Ergas, from whom his eldest daughter Deborah was born, and the union with Ottavio De Lollis, who gave her two other children, Ciro and Azzurra.

And it is to them that Sandra Milo has dedicated splendid words, retracing even the most difficult moments of her life: "The pain of the children is almost intolerable, I had my last two boys who had health problems from which I am gone out, but there were some terrible moments. This is truly absolute pain ”. The actress also revealed what her greatest desire would be: "I would like to accompany them until the last day, hold their hand even when they have to leave. Because they are afraid of death, I am not, I love them so much ".

Now in his life, in addition to his children, there is also a special man: "He lives in the Veneto region and is a great worker. It's one of the qualities I like about him. He is an entrepreneur, has restaurants, catering, hotels. It's in the restaurant business. He is 49 years old, a little younger than me ”- he said, laughing. “We met in Venice, we were at a dinner with Zaia and his wife. He was very nice, very reserved and shy. But also very kind and present with me, like those who pour water for you. I was very impressed by his being a knight of the past. Then I saw him again for my birthday and he brought me a beautiful gift. He always has very sought-after ideas ”.

Alessandro – this is the name of Milo's boyfriend – has decided to surprise her live. Mara Venier brought Sandra a beautiful bouquet of red roses along with a note, which the actress herself read: "These roses are for you. Even if you have forgotten that they are of the sign of Taurus … Maybe you don't know that in 2021 between Taurus and Pisces there will be magical moments of great complicity. TVB, your Alessandro ". And Milo couldn't help but be moved by this sweet gift.

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