Domenica In, the great return of Mara and the exhilarating gaffe of Romina

Domenica In, the great return of Mara and the exhilarating gaffe of Romina

Start with a bang for the new season on Domenica In. Among the guests of Mara Venier, Romina Power star of a hilarious gaffe

Mara Venier returns to keep the Italians company on Sunday afternoons and her Sunday Partly in the best way.

A start of the season rich in guests, fun and emotions today, which saw Zia Mara as a great protagonist and always very good at stimulating the characters who go to visit her, getting interviews or, better, 'chats', as she calls them, always interesting and never banal.

An example comes immediately, at the beginning of the episode, when Amadeus, the fresh director of Sanremo, sits in RaiUno's living room. Together with him, Venier, after having secured the first anticipations of the Festival, brings his wife Giovanna and their son Jose into the studio. The interview immediately takes a much more emotional grip and, amid surprises and family memories, ends up in the general emotion, with the shining eyes of the conductor and his wife, but also of the hostess herself.

Equally engaging, for different reasons, to the public, is the interview with Romina Power. Friends always, Venier has strongly wanted Romina also for this first episode of the new season, since she considers her a bit also a guest brings luck, having opened and closed the highly successful edition of the program last year. The biggest novelty for Romina, is the birth of her second granddaughter, the daughter that Cristel Carrisi wanted to call Cassia Ylenia and whose grandmother is already madly in love. It was Romina, radiant, who gave the news of the baby's birth this summer and the singer told her friend Mara especially about this new role of grandmother:

"I was moved both times, even when Cristel told me she was pregnant, let alone when I saw these two children. As a grandmother I think that this role is beautiful but also a little frustrating: one becomes very fond of these little creatures who are angels who come down between us, and then one realizes that one does not have decision-making powers because it is up to the parents to take the decisions that affect them. "

In connection there is also Cristel who tells Romina so grandmother: "Nonna Romina is a very rock grandmother, very hippie but honestly I don't know if I would leave my children alone with her, because she is very ethereal. We have always done beautiful things together, she is a wonderful mother and this is what all her children say, only when I ask for some practical information like: 'at what age I ate porridge' or things so she replies: 'I don't know these things were thought of by grandmother Jolanda ', so they were a team in which mom had the role of a great spirit guide, but impractical. "

This ethereal being of Romina becomes evident soon after. Continuing to talk about motherhood, Venier reports Power at the time of its parts, knowing that, for all her children, the singer was assisted by a single midwife, Mrs. Mirella. Romina tells the relationship with this lady and explains, "we felt, because then she died". He says it safely. At that point, Aunt Mara can also put a "miracle" in the carnet of the first episode of Domenica In. In fact, the midwife Mirella enters the studio alive and well, as she was invited to surprise the Power author of a memorable blunder among the general hilarity.

The transmission then continues with Giulia De Lellis, the funny speech by Orietta Berti and with the protagonists of the following fiction A step from the sky: Daniele Liotti and Rocio Munoz Morales.

In short, as announced, the winning formula of the living room of Mara Venier has not changed and, already at its debut, continues to grind listenings with its mix of entertainment, emotions and confidences. A mix that feeds on the skill and personality of the Sunday queen. We just have to wait to see if the success will be repeated even in the coming weeks, when the other queen of Sunday on Mediaset, Barbara D’Urso, will take the field.

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