Don’t give up on your dry eyeliner – try this life-saving trick!

Don't give up on your dry eyeliner - try this life-saving trick!

It is very difficult to use dry eyeliner but thanks to our makeup you will be able to get a superlative result.

A dry eyeliner is almost impossible to use, especially if you don’t take the right steps.

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There are a couple of reasons why eyeliner can get annoyed. Maybe it is the fault of the quality or it has simply been badly preserved.

Discover the trick to make the most of your dry eyeliner

Whatever the cause, your dry eyeliner can be reused and we’ll tell you how.

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Fortunately, there are simple ones do it yourself tricks to revive dry eyeliners, in order to prolong their longevity.

Use hot water

Try to heat carefully pencils or liquid formulas with water. Dip the eyeliner in a cup of hot water or run it under the tap to warm it up. It will take three to five minutes before we see any results. Remember to dry the eyeliner with a paper towel and try it first to get rid of excess water. Alternatively, you can use a warm towel, rolling the product inside.

It takes manual skills

If your liquid eyeliner doesn’t work, try press the tip against the back of the hand and hold it down for a few seconds. By doing so, the product may start working. In fact, it could be that the eyeliner just needs a brush up, but if nothing comes out it means that it’s time to replace it.

Temper regularly

As for pencil eyeliner, get used to sharpening regularly. In fact, regularly sharpen a pencil eyeliner helps keep it moist.

Get a hair dryer

Another tip involving the use of heat is to use a hair dryer. However, this method works best for pencils that have become lumpy and do not draw when light pressure is applied. Just put the eyeliner on a towel and use the hair dryer for about five to ten minutes. Remember to keep it about 6 inches away. At this point you just have to sharpen the tip.

Close the eyeliner properly

Proper storage of eyeliner involves maintaining one ermetic closure. This advice helps prevent any liquid, cream, or gel eyeliner from drying out. After each use, be sure to tighten the top or put the cap back on the pencils to prevent them from getting air.

Add coconut oil

This tip works best with gel eyeliner. It is important to proceed slowly and be careful to only add one drop at a timebecause too much oil causes eyeliner to smudge too easily when applied.

Once the oil is added, you can use a toothpick to make holes in the formula to allow the oil to penetrate. Then, put the cap back on and let the eyeliner sit overnight. In the morning it should be ready to use.

Store at room temperature

We recommend that you store the eyeliner at room temperature to prevent it from drying out. Unless recommended by the brand, do not store eyeliners a extreme temperatures, such as the refrigerator or freezer. Don’t even leave them in the car on a hot summer day. Freezing or melting of the product can compromise its integrity and use.

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