Double cleansing: because it is important to know it and include it in skincare

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Double cleansing comes directly from Korean skincare: the new cleansing formula for deep cleansing with or without make-up

double cleansing what it is and how to do itIt only takes two steps to thoroughly cleanse the skin of the face: it is called double cleansing and comes directly from the Korean beauty routine. This step, to be followed during the evening beauty routine, is now a must have for those who love to take care of their skin and, to do so, just use two products: one oil-based and one foaming.

But what lies behind double cleansing and why is it so important to include it in everyone's beauty routine? We tried to answer these questions to get to know her better.


  • What is double cleansing
  • Why do the double cleansing
  • How to do the double cleansing
  • How often do double cleansing
  • Double cleansing and sensitive skin: yes or no?

What is double cleansing

what is double cleansingName omen. The double cleansing contains the fundamental concept in the name itself: two steps to clean and eliminate traces of make-up, dirt and smog from the face.

Double cleansing is one of the 10 steps of the famous and famous Korean beauty routine. Oriental women, in fact, are admired and followed all over the world for their skin: candid, smooth and without imperfections. In fact, all the beauty passages they followed have become a real bible for many, especially for those who want to fight the signs of aging and remove wrinkles as much as possible.

A technique that has distant origins, thanks to the Japanese geishas who, to remove the full-bodied make-up they used to use, opted for vegetable cleansing oils that, with a light massage, melted colors and textures (including the most stubborn ones).

The double cleansing was so successful that it was included in the daily beauty routine of many women which consists of two very specific steps to be known and applied in one way:

  • a product in butter or oil that dissolves make-up and eliminates large sebum when cleansing by affinity;
  • a cleansing product, foaming or not, in cream or mousse, to eliminate the impurities left on the surface and the last traces of the oily product.

Why do the double cleansing

Why do the double cleansing

Do you know about affinity cleansing? There is talk of affinity when two similar compounds are used to eliminate each other. In a nutshell: oil eliminates oil. And since the skin, whether it is made up or not, is covered by a thin layer of sebum and using a product in oil allows it to be dissolved effortlessly and without creating trauma to the skin.

If you have used a classic cleanser for years, especially to remove make-up, double cleansing will change the relationship with your skin. In fact, this type of cleaning also eliminates the traces of make-up remover that, previously, were left on the face thinking that one product (without rinsing) would also be enough to clean the face of residual impurities.

Suitable for oily, normal and even delicate skin, as well as eliminating surface impurities, it also avoids clogging of the pores, removing the risk of unpleasant blackheads and dilated pores.

How to do the double cleansing

It's almost easier done than said. To do the double cleansing, simply massage a butter or make-up remover oil on the face, paying attention to the eyes and mouth if make-up is present, and then apply the cleanser.

In this case, then, there are two schools of thought. Those who prefer to apply the detergent directly on the oil and those who prefer, instead, to rinse between the two steps. Whatever your choice, you must know that the final result will not change.

Attention, in make-up houses it is also good to add a microfiber cloth or bamboo discs to remove the most stubborn traces of make-up, especially if it is water resistant.

How often do double cleansing

It is normal to cleanse the face morning and evening, but is it good to double cleanse both times? The answer is nì.

Surely it is good to do it in the evening and not only to remove make-up, but also to eliminate smog, excess sebum and any traces of sunscreen. Only in this way will the pores be free from impurities.

Furthermore, the most oily skins can opt for a light double cleansing even in the morning but without using microfiber cloth or pads because they would stress the skin too much, causing an unpleasant rebound effect and increasing dilated pores and small impurities scattered around the face.

Double cleansing and sensitive skin: yes or no?

Those with delicate and sensitive skin know very well that any too aggressive step or step could cause redness, irritation and even very intense burning.

For this reason it is good to choose delicate products and possibly non-foaming detergents, but in gels. The most important thing is that this step must be pleasant and the sensation of "skin tightening" must never be felt at all.

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