Dream Elisabetta Gregoraci: the mermaid dress is high seduction

Elisabetta Gregoraci leaves you breathless with the mermaid wedding dress: waves, train, glitter and sculpted décolleté

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the mermaid dress leaves you breathless

Elisabetta Gregoraci leaves you breathless at the new edition of Nozze in Fiera in Caserta. The showgirl walks the runway in a mermaid wedding dress that is pure seduction.

Elisabetta Gregoraci in a wedding dress

Elisabetta Gregoraci, godmother of the evening of Sunday 7 November, made hearts beat faster when she went out on the catwalk wearing a strapless dress, with a sweetheart bodice, which highlights the sculpted décolleté. Fitted at the waist, the dress adheres perfectly to the silhouette of Briatore’s ex, while the skirt opens in a circle at the ankles with a train tail. All decorated with soft waves, glitter and bronze-colored decorations.

Mermaid dress

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The dress is a creation of Antonio Notaro who chose Gregoraci as the godmother of the evening. Meanwhile, the beautiful Eli has shared on her Instagram profile some posed photos that portray her with the splendid wedding dress with which she walked. In commentary he writes: In life learn the most important rule of all: each person is worth the time they dedicate to you 🧡… At work ”.

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the ambiguous phrase on Instagram

An ambiguous phrase that has raised some perplexity. Someone replies: “You are worth all the time in the world you are a charm tonight you have your eyes off but you shine regardless you are a princess Ely👑e devoted all my time to you ❤”.

Perhaps Gregoraci refers to matters of the heart. It is said that he has a suitor, formerly of a Mediaset host, of whom nothing is known, not even the name. The only leaked indiscretion is that for the moment Eli would not have succumbed to courtship.

But perhaps those words refer to some professional “no” that the showgirl would have received both from Rai where she saw the Double Song project fade, a transmission halfway between a music quiz and a game show that should have seen her alongside Pino I teach. Both from Mediaset where she missed the Honolulu show where Fatima Trotta was preferred.

Elisabetta Gregoraci leaves you breathless

The fact is that Elisabetta Gregoraci is always a winner, also thanks to her beauty. Many compliments received from the followers who write to her on Instagram: “Mom, what a wonder you are”. You are beautiful aaa amo✨ !! “. And again: “A beauty out of the ordinary”, “You leave us breathless every time 😍😍😍”.

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