Dress in these colors and make everyone understand who you are

Dress in these colors and make everyone understand who you are

The choice of clothing never goes unnoticed. The color you wear inevitably affects other people. And with the arrival of summer you can give free rein to the imagination

True, black makes you look thinner, but if you have chosen to wear it you are subconsciously thinking of exercising your power and demanding respect. If you focus on yellow instead it means that you feel cheerful and optimistic, and everyone must notice it. These are just two examples of an undeniable truth: how many times do you choose the dress based on your mood? More than you imagine.

Behind your outfit, in fact, the desire to communicate a feeling or an emotion is hidden, and perhaps, whether you are aware of it or not, to influence those around you. If in the autumn or winter season cold colors, such as brown, black and gray dominate, summer is the right occasion to show off brighter shades, such as yellow, red, green and pink, or white, summer color par excellence.

For example, if you make this choice, it means that you are proud and confident people. White is not a color suitable for everyone, but only for those with elegant posture and strong self-esteem. More than any other, it highlights body shapes, and if you wear it, you will communicate your safety to others.

Among the most popular colors for summer there is certainly yellow, which recalls sunlight and transmits energy. This too is a color suitable for a strong personality, and its bright hue inspires joy, lightness, but also awareness of being well with yourself. By wearing it, you will make everyone understand it.

If you want to be noticed, with red you will do it very well. This color symbol of love and passion actually reflects an energetic and lively behavior, but be careful not to get too carried away. An excess of red can mean aggression.

For the summer, colors such as green (in its cooler shades) and blue are also very popular. Both instill a sense of peace and tranquility. Not only for those who wear them, but also for the people you deal with. If you choose them, your emotional peace will be evident to everyone, and perhaps you will help your interlocutor to relax.

If you feel particularly affectionate and romantic instead focus on pink, while with orange you will indicate inner energy and trust, both towards you and towards others.

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