Dry air at home the simplest tips to fix it

Dry air at home the simplest tips to fix it

Find out which are the simplest tips to put into practice to combat dry air at home.

The quality of the environment in which we live is extremely important for health. And to determine it are often many small details to which one hardly ever pays attention. A house with too dry air, for example, it can become dangerous for the well-being of those who experience it. A bit like what happens in an always humid environment.

dry air in the house

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The first important thing to do is therefore to realize the type of air in the house and, in particular, if it is dry. In this case, in fact, there are remedies that can be put into practice and that in a short time can greatly improve both the air you breathe and your state of well-being. Here, then, is what it is good to know about dry air in the house.

Dry air in the house: how to recognize it and what to do

As already mentioned, the presence of dry air in the house can derive from various causes, including overheating or poor air recycling.

dry air in the house

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Generally, dry air brings with it some clues detectable both from the surrounding environment and from the organism. Wood, for example, tends to expand and shrink as the air becomes electric, leading to frequent shocks.

On the organic level, however, if you happen to breathe with difficulty, to always have a dry nose, to feel cracked eyes, to feel dry mucous membranes, cough for no reason, feel thirsty and feel dehydrated, most likely (unless have health problems that cause these symptoms) the air you breathe is very dry.

In the long run, this can lead to colds and infections by lowering your natural defenses and consequently making you weaker. Which is why it is extremely important to remedy the problem. Going to the solutions, the simplest to put into practice is to buy a room humidifier, placing it in the driest areas of the house.

In the absence of this appliance you can put water to boil, creating steam which in its own way will make the air more humid. If you want, you can create small bowls to be placed in the room where you stay the most. As long as they are warm they will help you breathe better.

Obviously, it is also very useful to place trays of water near the radiators and, if using the dishwasher, keep it open when the washing is finished. The steam that emanates (which also applies to the shower) helps to give more humidity to the house.

These are very simple remedies but just like those against humidity at home, they are indispensable. Remedies that if implemented often can make a difference by allowing you to breathe more humid air and suitable for living better.

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