Dry your face: with or without a towel? Here is the answer

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Have you ever wondered if for the sake of your skin it would be better to dry your face with or without a towel? Let’s find out together.

You’ve probably heard of benefits which brings air drying to your hair, but did you know it’s a good idea too drying your face in the air or without your towel after getting out of the shower?

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That’s right. Air-drying your face and body may not be the first thing that crosses your mind when you finish washing, but it’s definitely worth considering and possibly include it in your skin care routine.

Dry your face without a towel: it’s possible!

Air drying could help solve some skin problems, so why not learn more about it?

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Here’s how and when to include air drying in your skincare routine:

  • For sensitive skin: It is undeniable that towels can be aggressive to the skin. This can lead to unwanted redness and can especially irritate those with sensitive skin. Air drying of the face it will allow you to give your skin some breathing room without rubbing.
  • If you are prone to pimples: Chances are you don’t wash towels often, especially face towels, as often as you should. As you can imagine, the towels they can easily accumulate unwanted bacteria after use, and using one to dry your face can cause these bacteria to spread to the skin, causing unwanted rashes. So, no towels, no problems, or in this case, pimples.
  • For dry skin: Did you know that moisturizer works best when applied to damp skin? In fact, when this is not applied to dry skin, it is capable of retain a greater amount of moisture and to give your skin long-lasting hydration. So, our advice? Don’t dry your face and apply the cream or lotion directly to damp skin to get the most out of your moisturizing products.

Now that you’re in on the beauty benefits of air drying, let’s see together how to add it to your routine.

Wash your face

Brighten your skin with a premium quality cleanser, capable of remove daily impurities without overdrying and leaving the skin revitalized with a fresh radiance. Just apply the product on the skin, massage gently face with circular motions and rinse.

Let the air do its work

This step is self-explanatory. Go for a walk, style your hair, or maybe watch an episode of your favorite TV series. In short, give your skin time to dry well in the air. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to waste, you can spend a few seconds in front of a fan to speed up the drying process.


Once the skin is mostly dry but still wetit’s time to use the moisturizer.

Use a face oil

Give your skin some extra attention by applying a nourishing face oil. All you have to do is spread the oil on the skin, massaging your face a little. Its application over the moisturizer can help block it for better results.

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