Dryer, the mistakes not to make to save time and money

The dryer can be a huge plus in home life, but there are a few things to pay attention to

Nowadays there are many families who opt for the purchase of a dryer and the main reason is to make life easier for drying clothes after washing: however there are some common mistakes that they are committed and consequently an easy and effective trick to save both time and money with each use.

Dryer, how to save time and money

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Choosing to buy a dryer is not always and only the way to save effort for drying clothes once washed, but certainly many people resort to this method especially when they do not have the necessary space for a drying rack. In winter, in particular, the dryer seems to be a perfect ally for the home world but there is an apparently useful method to save both time and money with each use.

According to savings experts, there is a simple but effective way to allow the dryer to do its duty more quickly and consume less energy as a result. A dry cloth should be inserted inside the basket, together with those just washed and wet. The reason? The dry cloth will help with moisture absorption, and the process will be quicker, saving both time and money. The dryer, in fact, usually requires quite a bit of energy and consumption could be high despite some preferring it for convenience. This is not a method with solid and scientific bases behind it, but many have tried it and promise a real success of the trick.

Dryer, what to do when you buy it

The dryer is one of the most popular appliances of recent years and now many have it to save the passage of the drying rack; to benefit from it, especially all those people who do not have an outdoor balcony and could find themselves having to fight against excessive humidity in the house with the clothes racks placed inside.

Like any household appliance, however, also the dryer must be used in the correct way and often avoidable mistakes are made and above all they can lead to greater waste. One of the precautions to be taken is certainly to always spin at the maximum: although you may think that keeping the dryer at a minimum can reduce energy waste, this is not the case for this appliance: keeping it at maximum, in fact, drying will take place in faster way because the cloths can be wrung out faster.

A second mistake not to make is not to read the labels placed on the clothes: there are some items, in fact, for which it is not recommended (or forbidden) to use the dryer. The result? Totally negative, because you could find yourself with ruined and unrecoverable clothes.
If there is another thing not recommended, to save both time and money, it is to load the dryer too much. Contrary to popular belief, the fewer drying cycles you do, the more you save, because loading the appliance too much means increasing the drying time of your clothes: you must always remember that the aim is to eliminate more water as possible, and the more clothes are inside the basket, the slower the result will be.

Finally, you must often clean the filter and the tank of the dryer: as absurd as it may seem, if this operation is never carried out, it will get an unpleasant effect. There will come a certain moment, in fact, when the appliance will start to work with more effort and automatically the operation time will be longer and the result will be worse.

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