Earrings, necklaces, bracelets: what we want after Milan Fashion Week

We’ve seen chunky chain necklaces, matching ring sets, oversized earrings, and more over the past few months. Today, however, we are dealing with those precious jewels that have impressed the MFW.

There are the accessories – bijoux and then there are the jewels. Often they are put on the same “list” but it is good to distinguish what, in addition to being really precious, requires work and preparation that is anything but indifferent. We will stay in a medium-sized budget because ok that dreaming is free is evident but it is also nice to be able to add all this to our real wishlist.

Italian jewels 26-9-22

Source: Canva and Jeymi Quey Gonzales.

Let’s discover the most beautiful creations seen during Milan Fashion Week.

The Italian jewels that conquer the world during the fashion week

From the shoes of spring – summer 2023 seen at Micam to the jewels presented in recent days, the step is short. Between one event and another, the experts – and not only – had the opportunity to closely observe the new proposals of the prestigious names of precious Italians.

Yellow gold accessories 26-9-22

Source: Pinterest.

At the event of Leo organized by Zsuzsanna Szeker, there were the fabulous creations in diamonds (the real strong point of the brand) and the Cheops rings (2720 euros) chosen from yellow, white and pink gold, with diamond processing and pyramidal decorations in the center for a rock and at the same time chic allure. This brand has existed for twenty-five years, guarantees the workmanship entirely handmade in Italy and, as the founder told us Francesco Leo “The price is made possible by our verticality because we start from the raw and arrive at the final jewel”.

A must for many showbiz women is Damiani. The classic necklace with cross pendant in white gold and diamonds is part of the Belle Époque collection that can be worn every day with both elegant and casual outfits. The match with earrings is not necessary as it is a jewel that will illuminate the face in any case. It costs 2790 euros.

White gold obijoux rings 26-9-22

Source: Pinterest.

The jewels of Lil Milan they are minimal and creative even in the names (ranging from “first kiss” to “nothing serious” or “promise me” just to be clear even in the gifts). The required budget is lower and the primary target audience, of course, changes accordingly. They range from the two gold bracelets “Giotto and Nude” discounted at 135 euros to the Goldie necklace in 9 carat yellow gold and customizable at 1060 euros.

There is an embarrassment of choice but for each of us the most suitable solution so there is nothing left to do but throw ourselves into the desired choice.

Silvia Zanchi