Effective and gentle by nature

Effective and gentle by nature

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The shampoo and conditioner for normal and oily hair from the Polana series cleanses and nourishes the hair well, gives a feeling of freshness, facilitates combing and is gentle on the skin – said people who tested the cosmetic. As many as 82% of them declared that they would be happy to buy and use it in the future.*

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The Polana series shampoo and conditioner by Herbapol is intended for washing and caring for normal and oily hair. The cosmetic contains a carefully selected composition of natural ingredients. Nettle extract has antibacterial, toning and cleansing properties. Blackberry extract has moisturizing and regenerating properties. Obtained from mint, menthol helps control sebum secretion, and also adds shine and illumination to the hair. Thanks to its special formula, the shampoo makes it easier to comb the hair without weighing it down. An additional advantage of the cosmetic is its pleasant fruity and herbal scent.

Most people who took part in testing the shampoo and conditioner for normal and oily hair from the Polana series rated it very positively. 82% of respondents declared that they would be happy to buy and use this cosmetic in the future. It has many advantages.

Cleanses and refreshes

The nettle contained in the preparation, known for its antibacterial and cleansing properties, does its job perfectly. And 82% of people testing the shampoo said that it perfectly cleanses and refreshes the hair.

“It left my hair clean, light and shiny, which allowed me to maintain a fresh look all day long,” said one respondent.

“The shampoo cleanses the scalp perfectly and keeps the hair clean and fresh for longer,” another one echoed.

Reduces oiliness

The menthol contained in the cosmetic effectively helps regulate serum secretion. This reduces hair oiliness and makes it look clean and well-groomed for longer.

This is confirmed by users who tested the product:

“The shampoo turned out to be beneficial for my oily hair”, “After washing and drying, my hair looked moisturized and healthy, and not as usual for me, i.e. like hay. I am impressed”, “My hair is fluffy, flowing and shiny. Great product – these are just some of the comments.

Makes combing easier

People who took part in the shampoo test rated the formula as facilitating hair combing very positively. Over 80% of them found it good or even excellent.

“The shampoo made combing my hair wonderfully easier without tangling it. I didn’t have to apply additional conditioner because the cosmetics were smooth and pleasant to the touch,” one of the surveys reads.

It is gentle on the skin

94% of the shampoo’s ingredients come from nature. Thanks to this, the cosmetic is exceptionally gentle to the skin and hair.

“I have a scalp prone to irritation, but the tested product did not intensify my symptoms in any way, which made using it pleasant and comfortable,” emphasized one of the users.

It smells nice

The shampoo and conditioner from the Polana series is distinguished by its original aroma with a distinct fruity note and a delicate herbal accent. Most testers mention it among the product’s unique advantages.

“I was delighted with the beautiful scent of the shampoo, I could feel it on my hair long after each wash. I just love him for it!” “I really like the fruity aroma, which refreshes and energizes me.” “The scent is lovely. And mint, which is exactly what it is – gently cools you down and doesn’t sting you – the surveys are full of praise.

It is efficient

People testing the shampoo and conditioner from the Polana series emphasized its high efficiency. Many of them also praised the quite thick gel consistency, thanks to which the cosmetic does not leak from the hands, is pleasant and smooth to use, spreads well and is easy to rinse.

It has a convenient 2 in 1 formula

Many users like the combination of shampoo and conditioner. In their opinion, it is a convenient and practical solution that saves time.

“The combination of shampoo and conditioner is perfect for people who do not have much time for hair care or for those who simply do not like spending long hours in the bathroom. (…) And at the same time, the hair is comprehensively cared for – beautiful and healthy.” – said one of the respondents.

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* Results of product testing organized by Poradnikzdrowie.pl