Eighties shirts are back! Choose the one that suits you best for the summer

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Let’s face it, fashion did not see its heyday in the age of social hedonism, political changes and puffy hair – as well as full of hairspray – beyond belief. But the sweaters and shirts of the eighties are back, let’s see how to wear them.

They can be worn with a denim mini or open with a tight white undershirt underneath, eighties shirts are a must to keep in the closet and to “pull out” at the right occasion.

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Let’s find out which ones to buy if you don’t have half of them, how to wear them with style and when it’s best to avoid them. After all, we are in another century and it is good to avoid the mistakes – and the excesses – of the past.

Eighties shirts between extravagance and joy. Let’s take them like this!

We start in a soft way with the proposal of Stradivarius on sale on Zalando for 15.99 euros. It almost looks like a mix with the early nineties which is why it is a suitable choice for newbies to the genre.

Barbie 80s blouse 24-5-22

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Drastically changing the price range (but at the same time brand and texture) on Luisa ViaRoma there is the shirt by Versace with the iconic fantasy that made the history of the Italian firm in the world. Long sleeves, defined cuffs, hidden buttons and a pointed collar are a must in a typically “eighties” garment. The price is 1350 euros.

Returning to normality (costs 41.99 euros already discounted by 30%) the shirt of More & More takes up another great classic of the period or the large polka dots. The base is midnight blue and the white polka dots match the sporty band on the sleeves. To be worn with a pair of plain blue jeans so as not to overload the outfit.

Versace shirt from the 1980s 24-5-22.

Source: Pinterest.

Balmain instead it has created a limited edition line all about the wonderful world of Barbie, the great protagonist of the decade we are dealing with today. From the pink one-piece swimsuit (930 euros) to the terry sweatshirt (1900 euros) to the white and pink t-shirt (269 euros) you are really spoiled for choice!

Regarding the combination of coordinated top and skirt, it is better to stay on the classic. What’s good about an Instagram post doesn’t always mean it’s ideal for us in real life. The secret is to trust our instincts and, of course, the mirror!

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