Elena Sofia Ricci in white bikini at 57 years enchants Instagram

Elena Sofia Ricci in white bikini at 57 years enchants Instagram

Elena Sofia Ricci leaves breathless with a series of photos in bikini where she shows an enviable physique. Its true beauty conquers everyone on Instagram

Elena Sofia Ricci beautiful in a bikini

Elena Sofia Ricci shared some photos on her Instagram profile that show her in a white bikini.

The Florentine actress, who turned 57 last March 29, enjoys swimming in the sea, in a mermaid style. It relaxes in the waves showing off a perfect physique that leaves everyone breathless: flat stomach, thin waist, toned legs. Ricci justifies her silhouette with irony, writing on Instagram:

the water…. Ell that element in which you feel light and … lean !!!! 😂😂😂

But in reality to bewitch the fans is its "real beauty", as we read in the comments on its social page. Just like Vanessa Incontrada, Elena Sofia Ricci likes it a lot because she is a woman like all of us and she doesn't need tricks and touches to seduce. Indeed, he does not disdain to pose without make up for a photo in the foreground, taken from above, which in addition to enhancing the look and the sweet smile, highlights the magnificent décolleté.

The followers rush to compliment her:

Oh, how beautiful are you?

It's still:

Of a disarming beauty !!!!! 💖

Everyone agrees that Ricci is in great shape and that time seems to have gone by for her:

You remained as I remembered you from the time of "Dear Master"! Always a beautiful woman! Compliments!! 😄😃

Last July Elena Sofia Ricci was busy filming the new fiction, Live and let live, while it is unclear if and when we will see her again in the shoes of the famous Sister Angela, protagonist of the series Che Dio ci Not.

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