Eleonora Daniele, on TV we talk about her wedding and she doesn't fit

Eleonora Daniele is not there and refuses to talk about her wedding on live TV

Eleonora Daniele is not cold and those who talk about her wedding live on TV.

The presenter and face Rai in these days is married with her boyfriend Giulio Tassoni after 15 years of love. The couple swore eternal love in the Basilica of San Giovanni Battista in Rome with a romantic ceremony celebrated in front of friends and relatives. The bride looked beautiful, wearing a princess dress, smiling and radiant like never before, while Tassoni, a pharmaceutical entrepreneur with noble origins, opted for an elegant blue dress.

For the occasion, Eleonora Daniele invited so many VIPs to her wedding, from Simona Ventura to Elena Santarelli, without forgetting Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Lorena Bianchetti and Al Bano who sang Ave Maria for the bride and groom in the church. After the religious ceremony the couple celebrated the wedding in an exclusive location next to the Colle del Gianicolo and with a view of the splendid Dome.

A perfect wedding that made Instagram fans go crazy and also excite Eleonora Daniele's colleagues. Despite the great happiness, however, the presenter prefers not to talk about her wedding on TV. In fact, in Storie Italiane Silvana Giacobini tried to mention the happy event, but it was frozen by the presenter.

It all started during an episode of the Rai show when the journalist and gossip expert, connected to Milan, bothered Daniele with a comment on the wedding. During a discussion about the case of an entrepreneur who remained on a crane for 116 days in protest, Giacobini mentioned Eleonora's marriage, but she did not like it.

"Please Silvana, this is not the case," he said. They are delicate subjects ”. Shortly afterwards, Daniele had a similar reaction when, during an interview with Leopoldo Mastelloni, Giacobini tried to give her good wishes.

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