Elisa Isoardi confesses: after Matteo Salvini he doesn't want other men

Elisa Isoardi confesses: after Matteo Salvini he doesn't want other men

Elisa Isoardi found herself after the story with Matteo Salvini. It seems that she has not regretted leaving him and denies other relationships

Elisa Isoardi in private life: between home and private photos on Instagram

Elisa Isoardi reveals how her life changed after Matteo Salvini.

The cook test host confesses that after the vice premier, she doesn't want to have men for a while. In a long interview with the magazine Oggi he explains his reasons. And apparently she has not regretted having left him, even if their bond has been decisive.

Today Elisa is keen to stress that she is single and happy:

The six months of solitude that have passed since the end of the relationship with Matteo have helped me to realize what I want and where I want to go. If at 6 in the morning I want to get up and go for a bike ride, I take it and go there. If I want to take a bath in the sea, I do it. If I want to eat, I eat. If I want to fast, ditto. I was not able to be so good with myself before.

After Salvini therefore Isoardi seems to have finally found herself and has discovered that she is doing very well. The love story with the Minister lasted 5 years and ended with a much discussed Instagram post. How does the presenter see her future?

It will be positive because I have positive energy in me. And I look at my past with serenity, as if it were a beautiful library.

Among other things, Elisa has been reconfirmed to conduct the Cook Test for the next year and is already at work. While as regards private life, in the last 6 months he had been attributed a flirtation with Alessandro Di Paolo, also very contested by fans, but she minimizes:

He is a friend like many. I'm so good that a man right now I don't want him.

While, as is known, Salvini is now dating Francesca Verdini and it seems that between the two things are going well.

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