Elisa Isoardi dances with Stefano Oradei, Raimondo Todaro comments on Instagram

Elisa Isoardi e Raimondo Todaro

Elisa Isoardi dances on Instagram with Stefano Oradei and Raimondo Todaro comments on the performance

Raimondo Todaro comments on Elisa Isoardi and Stefano Oradei's dance on Instagram. The presenter celebrated her birthday in a very special way, giving life to a performance with the teacher of Dancing with the Stars. Elisa and Stefano performed to the tune of (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes, the symbolic song of the film Dirty Dancing.

Milly Carlucci's experience in the show changed Isoardi a lot, who discovered a great passion for dancing. As happened to Alessandra Mussolini, Elisa also has no intention of stopping dancing. In the clip that appeared on Instagram, the presenter revealed all her talent. “Here is my birthday present for you. Thank you for always believing in me, for the beautiful energy you give me, thank you for making me believe in miracles, ”he wrote.

However, many were surprised by the choice of Elisa who in the video does not dance with her teacher of Dancing with the Stars, Raimondo Todaro, but with Stefano Oradei who was competing with Barbara Bouchet. “Crazy. Super Eli … and then you trained in such a short time .. top .. the first of many shows. And fly! ”, Oradei commented. Shortly after, Raimondo Todaro's Like also arrived and added a comment. “Top!”, Wrote the dancer, without adding anything else.

A reaction that inevitably fueled the gossip about a possible link between the two. In fact, during the course of Dancing with the Stars it seemed that something was being born between the presenter and the dancer, but at the end of the show their paths divided. Todaro was spotted with Sara Arfaoui, while Isoardi said he is not looking for a love story.

"Between us there is friendship and great esteem and nothing else – he said -. Raimondo is a wonderful man. Thanks to him I discovered that I could count on one person. I fell in love with the couple we were. Seen from the outside, I know it well, we made us dream. Then, with the spotlights turned off, the friendship and the desire to hear each other on the phone remained, the desire to know how we are. We talk every day "

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