Elisa Isoardi, the contract with Mediaset would already exist. The challenge with Panicucci is ready

Elisa Isoardi

According to the latest rumors, Elisa Isoardi already has the contract with Mediaset in her pocket. The conduct of "Mattino Cinque weekend" is getting closer and closer

Island of the Famous 2021, Elisa Isoardi in bikini makes Federica Panicucci tremble

Elisa Isoardi returned from Honduras after her experience in the Island of the Famous 2021, which ended abruptly and prematurely after an eye injury. The beautiful presenter, welcomed in the house of mother Irma, was consoled with a Piedmontese boiled meat and told about the hard life during the reality show. While her return to Italy sparked rumors about a contract already signed with Mediaset that would see her enter into competition with two TV queens, Federica Panicucci and Barbara D’Urso.

But let's proceed in order. Elisa Isoardi gave an interview to the magazine Oggi where she talks about the Island of the Famous. In this edition, conducted by Ilary Blasi, the presenter has particularly distinguished herself, so much so that she is considered the true moral leader of the castaways. Her bikinis were even appreciated across the Channel, receiving compliments from the Sun. But an accident prevented Elisa from completing her mission, winning or at least making it to the final on the Island.

Isoardi does not hide how difficult life in Honduras has been. “It was very hard. I made my journey to the Island of the Famous freely, without being influenced by anything. Then I had to retire due to the eye problem, but in that month I learned a lot. The most important? That you can easily do without the superfluous, but not feelings: I dreamed of those in every single moment ".

Perhaps Elisa Isoardi thinks of her family when she talks about feelings. To her brother Domenico who surprised her while she was in Honduras or to her mother Irma who made her cry on TV. Now, the presenter is right at her mother's house, in Piedmont, in Colletto di Castelmagno, in the province of Cuneo, where she is spending the quarantine.

It goes without saying that mom Irma is cuddling her daughter, fulfilling her culinary desire. The first thing she wanted to eat when she returned to Italy and after a month of coconut and rice was the Piedmontese boiled meat.

Isoardi is therefore resting and taking care of her eye. For the moment it has cut ties with the world. In fact, it hasn't even appeared on Instagram for days. After the message of thanks for supporting the Island of the Famous, nothing more.

But the usual well-informed, are sure that the presenter has already signed a contract with Mediaset. The indiscretion appeared again on Dagospia in which we read that we could already see Isoardi on TV this summer at the conduct of Federica Panicucci's Morning Five weekend with all due respect.

To give it for sure also Libero Quotidiano which recalls how the spin-off of the Canale 5 broadcast was already in the pipeline last year. At the time it was thought to put Michele Cocuzza and Adriana Volpe at the helm. But then nothing came of it after the Fox migrated to Tv8. Il Messaggero also reports the contract between Elisa Isoardi and Mediaset as done and reiterates that the two eligible programs would be Sunday Live instead of Barbara D’Urso or Morning Five Weekend.

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