Elisa Isoardi, the Test of the Cook closes: Antonella Clerici's reaction on Instagram

Elisa Isoardi, la Prova del Cuoco chiude: la reazione di Antonella Clerici su Instagram

Antonella Clerici's reaction on Instagram to the news of the closure of the Test of the Cook by Elisa Isoardi

The Cook Test closes. This was announced by Elisa Isoardi, current presenter. But how will Antonella Clerici, historical presenter of the program, have reacted? The news had been in the air for days, but it was confirmed by Matteo Salvini's ex partner who, during the last episode of the show, admitted the end of a fantastic adventure.

"The Test of the Cook is closing, everyone knows – said Elisa, who then tried to calm the mother, who intervened in connection -. Yesterday he called me and asked me what would become of me. I said "you worry about me because maybe it's a special moment". But this is work, among other things the most beautiful in the world, and you just have to get moving, which is what we are doing ". Claudio Lippi also intervened on the issue, who joined Isoardi in the conduct of the Cook's Test, after the farewell of some key faces of the show, such as Anna Moroni.

“This is a program that you have inherited and have faced with great courage – explained Lippi – making your culture available on the origins of the product. It is not just my idea, but that of the whole family of La Prova del Cuoco, to ensure that all the public could get to know the real Elisa Isoardi […] Elisa's beauty is all she has inside. I subscribe to this thing, write what you want, I do ** or ".

Many, as had happened for Caterina Balivo's farewell to Vieni da Me, reacted to the news, but above all they wondered what Antonella Clerici's thought is. According to some rumors, in fact, the presenter will soon be at the helm of a new culinary show that will be aired just in place of La Prova del Cuoco. As expected, the presenter chose not to comment on what happened, but in the Stories she announced that she was at sea, immersed in the reading of a book. A way, perhaps, to get away from gossip and to distance yourself from a delicate situation. Probably only when the time is right, Clerici will announce its plans for the future and the new transmission.

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