Elisabetta: Battiti Live is a success, but the trolley accident puts the look at risk

Elisabetta Gregoraci

"Battiti Live" with Elisabetta Gregoraci is a success, but a problem puts her look at risk

Elisabetta Gregoraci: Briatore, boyfriends, son and career

Elisabetta Gregoraci triumphs with Battiti Live and the accident with the trolley puts the look at risk. The Apulian showgirl in these days is busy conducting the Radio Norba show. An important event based on music and big names in showbiz. The first episode aired from the Otranto Castle where Elisabetta bewitched everyone with an amazing outfit.

In fact, Gregoraci showed off a fuchsia dress with flounces and asymmetrical skirt with a mini train. A very particular model with a cut-out collar and neckline perfect to enhance the sculpted physique of Flavio Briatore's ex-wife. To complete the look, Elisabetta chose gold stiletto heels and designer accessories, enhanced by the collected hairstyle.

An outfit that was highly appreciated by fans on Instagram, but which shortly before the airing of Battiti Live had been put at risk by a small accident. In fact, on her profile the showgirl had told of having broken the trolley during the journey to Puglia. "Never a joy. I need a blessing, ”he confided to fans, laughing.

After participating in the GF Vip, Elisabetta is experiencing a golden period in her career. The distance from home has strengthened the relationship with the ex-husband Flavio Briatore, already very strong, and with his son Nathan. Not only that: the public was able to discover the more private and fragile side of the presenter, from the pain of the divorce to the memory of the beloved mother, who passed away due to a tumor. “Actually I have always had a good relationship with Flavio – he recently confessed to the weekly Chi -. We fought over nonsense, we can argue but then we meet again. And a few months away from home he did well because we missed each other and made us find again ".

"When I accepted the GF I thought I was already known by the public for my work on TV and in the cinema – she added -, I didn't think it would change much, instead there was a crazy effect, I feel very loved. Since December, since I left the GF house, I have received all kinds of gifts […]. They write to me that I burst into their hearts, that I brighten their days and that I am part of their life ”.

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