Elisabetta Gregoraci and Flavio Briatore, a friend speaks: "He still loves her"

Elisabetta Gregoraci: Flavio Briatore would be against the GF Vip, but she will go there

Flavio Briatore would still be in love with Elisabetta Gregoraci: the words of Arianna David

Flavio Briatore would still be in love with Elisabetta Gregoraci. To reveal it Arianna David, a friend of the couple, who released some statements to the weekly Nuovo. According to the model and former protagonist of the Isola dei Famosi, the entrepreneur would still have very strong feelings for his ex-wife and competitor of the GF Vip. “I was stunned when I read certain statements from Flavio about Elisabetta – explained David -. The only explanation I give myself is that he still loves her and does not accept the choice to go to GFVip ".

According to Arianna, Gregoraci would have been wrong: “I think Eli was wrong to talk about him – he said -. Had she kept her low profile, she would never have been attacked. In addition, she declared lightly that she had led a life of sacrifice: for this sentence a lot of negative comments rained down on her. I'm sorry because I love her and I know she's been through a lot. I try to defend it but I don't know how to do it anymore: the events that are coming out are now on everyone's lips ”.

In the House of the GF Vip, Elisabetta told a reality that very few knew, revealing that she felt very alone during the years with Briatore. The showgirl in particular has revealed to the roommates that she suffered a lot for her husband's choice to leave her alone on the day of her mother's funeral. "Flavio manages clubs, he will have had an important business appointment and she will have perceived it as abandonment – clarified Arianna -. If Elizabeth had wanted a simpler person next to her, she would have had to marry another type of man. Now we certainly cannot complain about this ”.

“Something happened that made me feel bad – Elisabetta revealed -. My mom died and on the day of the funeral she left me alone and left because she had to go to the disco. I have not forgiven him since that day […] My mother dies, I was in Calabria, she tells me 'I'm coming'. He came and went. He is not bad. It's because he can't handle these things. At four he said to me: "Well, come on, there's the opening of the place". And that thing I could not forgive him, because it is not done. I have always been close to him when he was sick and this thing hurt me a lot ”.

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