Elodie and Marracash, is it really backfire? What is going on

Elodie and Marracash, is it really backfire?  What is going on

It seems that a new relationship has begun between Elodie and Marracash, after the breakup which took place last summer after two years of love

Elodie conquers Milan with a precious but casual look

Elodie conquers Milan with a precious but casual look

Much has already been said about the end of Elodie and Marracash’s story, but it seems that the final word on their relationship has not yet been written. The two artists said goodbye at the end of last summer, after two years of love, but it seems that they have remained on excellent terms and that today they are getting closer and closer.

Elodie and Marracash “intensify the attendance”

It seems that something is boiling in the pot: Elodie and Marracash seem to be closer and closer, despite the breakup and the relationship of the singer with Davide Rossi. The singer and the model were in fact paparazzi several times together, even in attitudes that left little room for doubts: the weekly Chi had in fact pinched the couple between passionate kisses and caresses, which had in fact decreed the end of the story with the rapper.

Yet it seems that the two have never completely distanced themselves: in addition to the interviews in which both have always emphasized their affection and mutual esteem, now the expert gossip journalist Alberto Dandolo has arrived, who told a background on the pages of Oggi. on their relationships.

According to what the journalist reports, Elodie and Marracash would have remained on excellent terms, and in the last period they would also be “intensifying their acquaintance”. The magazine does not report further details on the indiscretion but the fans are already on the alert, also because Elodie seemed to have found serenity alongside Davide. Until a few weeks ago, in fact, the couple had been spotted still together, and nothing seemed to presage a return of the flame with the ex. Also, Elodie was photographed at a party in the company of a stranger.



It must be said, however, that neither Elodie nor Marracash have never made any secret of wanting to continue working together, as happened for the rapper’s latest album. “Elodie and I broke up on the set of my last video,” Marracash had confided some time ago, talking about their breakup. The two had said goodbye precisely during the making of the artist’s record. “It was a challenging time for both of us and we both tried to make ends meet. It’s nice that she is on the cover with my family and the people who have been closest to me. It’s also in the Crazy Love video: we stage the end of our relationship and kill each other. With the gossip galloping, I didn’t want to give explanations on social networks. We met on the set of a video and we thought it would be nice to close the circle with another video ”.

Elodie and Marracash, because she ended up between the two

After months of confidentiality, Elodie had revealed in an interview with Grazia that she was single and explaining why the relationship with Marracash had ended. She had wanted to clarify what was happening in her private life after the gossip rumors that she had been chasing in the last months of her relationship with the rapper, explaining that she was alone by choice, despite recent sightings of her.



“For me it continues to be family”, explained the singer. The two have never been able to live together and she herself had confessed that she had never imagined a future with him. “I can’t think of him and me as parents. There could be no room for a child, he would have come into the world from a crazy life drive, but you know how many problems he would have had ”.

Who knows if things have really changed now: the two really can’t do without each other?

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