Emanuela Tittocchia and the drama of anorexia: "The theater saved me"

The actress Emanuela Tittocchia talked about her experience with anorexia: an uphill path from which she came out the winner

Emanuela Tittocchia, fresh from the last edition of L’Isola dei Famosi, opened her heart in an interview with DiPiù magazine, returning to talk about the tragedy of the disease. The beautiful actress has spent many years face to face with anorexia, but she was the winner from that battle.

Anorexia is a disease that digs into you, which slowly takes away whole pieces of you. And it doesn't just physically do it, stealing from you those pounds that you think are "too much", it also does it from within when it takes away your self-esteem, self-awareness and love for the person you are.

This silent but present evil has conditioned the life of Emanuela Tittocchia for years, who, very young and still struggling with acting studies, risked sending everything upside down. Because when you think you are in charge of the situation, anorexia takes you off guard and takes control of your entire existence. For Emanuela, acting was not a simple pastime, but a real reason for living and her dreams were about to break. Yet it is art that has managed to get her out of that dark tunnel, giving her the strength to move forward.

Emanuela Tittocchia told DiPiù that her battle was difficult, an uphill journey that lasted for seven years in which her parents played a central role, but not only. It was the stage, her great love, that saved her: "Little by little I started to resume eating. (…) The theater saved me, to stay on stage little by little I resumed eating".

In a previous interview with the weekly Vero, Emanuela Tittocchia had explained how she fell into the tunnel of anorexia. There when it all started and, without even realizing it, insecurity prevailed, leaving room for a relationship with food that gradually became more and more difficult: "When I was sixteen I was very plump and my body made me uncomfortable . The people around also made me feel different. So I went on a diet and lost some weight. But the fear of getting fat was so great that I started eating less and less, until I stopped altogether. And by not eating I felt stronger and stronger. In the early nineties there was still no talk of anorexia as it is now. I, then, I told a lot of balls to my parents and I always saved myself. And they couldn't control me: I was always at the university or at the theater, I said I ate out. They couldn't know ”.

That public figures like Emanuela Tittocchia tell their experiences is a precious gift. Anorexia is still often talked about with difficulty today, but putting these stories on paper is important for the many people who live the same drama and do not know how to get out of it. The beautiful Emanuela made it and with her words gives us hope.

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