Emily Ratajkowski: “My child's sex? He will tell us when he is 18 "


Emily Ratajkowski, pregnant with her first child, gives a wonderful answer to those who want to know if it will be a boy or a girl, which speaks volumes about her vision of life

Emily Ratajkowski: model and actress most followed, between sexy photos and provocations

To those used to seeing Emily Ratajkowski only beauty and (often) nudity, which she naturally exhibited on social media, inevitably labeling her as an exhibitionist and prima donna, we invite you to read her biography and her interviews, in which it is better to understand how and because this beautiful model and actress born in 1991, daughter of an American literature teacher and a Polish painter, who grew up breathing art and beauty, show her body shamelessly, almost as a message of emancipation and freedom.

Accustomed from an early age to not having taboos, she has always frequented nudist beaches with her parents and for her father's artistic work she has often been in contact with various female nude figures. For this, she says she feels comfortable undressed, and considers the naked normality, not vulgarity.

He said in an interview: "In our culture, men mostly look at pornography, but then feel offended by a portrait or photograph containing classic nude …".

Today, pregnant with her first child by her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, she proudly showed her first curves on tabloids and social media and responding to those – friends, fans, journalists – who asked her about the sex of the unborn child, she says: "We won't know sex until our son turns 18 and he'll let us know “.

Adding: "People smile at my answer, but it hides an important truth: we have no idea who – or what – is growing in my belly." And that's right.

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