Emma's dedication to her parents: "I dedicate 11 years of successes and sacrifices to you"

Emma's dedication to her parents: "I dedicate 11 years of successes and sacrifices to you"

The beautiful words written by Emma to her parents on Instagram, thanking them for everything they have always done for her

The love of and for one's parents is almost always unique and unparalleled. Especially when their presence, support and encouragement have been the driving force of their children's lives, their goals and successes.

Emma Marrone has never hidden her attachment to her family: her mother Maria, her father Rosario and her brother Checco have always been close to her, from her beginnings to today, in joys and especially in difficulties. That Emma got to know well, between one success and another. Today, that the Salento singer celebrates 11 years of career, he wanted to pay homage to them with a beautiful post published on her Instagram page. Those he wrote are truly words full of love, managing to express his feelings for them in a few lines.

I dedicate everything to you.
For the love I have always received.
For all the things you taught me.
Because you are my roots and my sky.
For your eyes full of pride.
Because every time I fell, you told me "now get up".
Because if I am here today and I am what I am I owe it to you too.
Because before being everyone's Emma, ​​I am your Gem.
I dedicate 11 years of success to you and also of pain and sacrifice.
I dedicate to you what my life is ❤️
Thanks Mom!
Thanks Dad!

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