Eros, Marica Pellegrinelli in love with Charley Vezza: cuddles and smiles in public

Eros, Marica Pellegrinelli in love with Charley Vezza: cuddles and smiles in public

Marica Pellegrinelli and Charley Vezza no longer hide: after the farewell to Eros the journey of love

Marica Pellegrinelli is ready to restart from Charley Vezza after the farewell to Eros Ramazzotti. The model and the entrepreneur are no longer hiding and have been paparazzati by the weekly Chi during a romantic getaway in England.

After having dealt with Eros on the first day of school of little Raffaella Maria, Marica flew to Woodstock with Charley. A journey of love to get to know each other better and to experience their passion in the sunlight. In the images captured by the paparazzi the two smile, hug and joke, between a walk and a visit to the exhibition by Maurizio Cattelan.

Vezza comes from a family of Piedmontese industrialists and is a well-known entrepreneur. At the age of 35, he already runs a company of design objects that is appreciated all over the world. The meeting with Pellegrinelli would have happened thanks to mutual friends and the story would have begun in great secrecy, with the disapproval of his mother, lady of the salons and allergic to gossip.

Now that time has passed since the announcement of the farewell between Marica and Eros, the model and the entrepreneur would be ready to live their love in the sunlight. They would be planning to go and live together and they would be so in love to even dream about a child.

Meanwhile Ramazzotti is trying to start again, after the pain of a second divorce (he was also married to Michelle Hunziker). The Roman singer does not hide and in a recent radio interview he confessed to suffer, but to be ready to go on for the sake of his children. Next to him the first-born Aurora who never abandons him and who was present in the audience at various stages of her tour.

"Life goes on – Eros had confessed in an interview with I Lunatici, radio program on Rai Radio 2 – you have to be strong, improve, know that you have children to carry on anyway. The rest, then, always improves – the singer added – (…) people do not think they bite to everything they write. Now with social media I get everything that comes in writing in three seconds, but I don't take it any more ".

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