Eva Grimaldi from Bortone: drugs, alcohol, Fellini and love for Imma

Eva Grimaldi is told without filters by Serena Bortone: the past marked by a career and the encounter with drugs and a present marked by love.

Serena Bortone, private life and broadcasts

It has no filters, Eva Grimaldi. When it tells itself, as it did to Today is another day, the afternoon program of Rai 1 conducted by Serena Bortone, it always does so with great generosity, not hiding anything from its past, not even what could be judged more easily. Instead, she draws lessons from it, for herself and for others.

Eva Grimaldi, the meeting with Federico Fellini and Sean Penn

The one behind Eva Grimaldi is a Catholic family, full of values, which has experienced great economic difficulties. What has never been lacking, however, is love, and it is thanks to the strength deriving from this feeling that the actress was able to overcome great difficulties, such as stuttering, and to make a career, also avoiding falling into very dangerous traps. .

And it’s a respectable career, his. Eva has worked with the greats of the world of cinema and entertainment, such as Federico Fellini. She recalled, with extreme irony, the audition she had with him, when she tried to trick him by putting socks in her bra. A trick that has not escaped the director who, amused, made his debut: “I’ll catch you because you’re very nice”.

Eva Grimaldi can also boast a dinner with Sean Penn, met during his first trip to New York. The two found themselves in the same hotel and, after talking for a long time, the actor invited her to a restaurant. A memory that, for her, is indelible.

Eva Grimaldi, the experience with drugs and alcohol

Being a young actress has allowed her to frequent exciting and stimulating environments. However, there were many gray areas that he had to avoid. Grimaldi, in fact, does not deny that she has also come into contact with drugs, but managing not to fall into a real addiction.

I also had my bad drug experience and thank God I got scared. My agent said to me: “Eva do you want to come here to party and take drugs or do you want to be an actress and study?”.

Another very difficult moment came, then, after the end of his marriage. In fact, she felt abandoned and, having lost all her certainty, she struggled to find a balance. Shortly before meeting Imma Battaglia, he looked for strength in alcohol:

Before coming to Imma – she confessed – I became a bit alcoholic. I drank in the morning. At 50 when you are dumped by a person it is a trauma, you miss the ground under your feet. You have to stay close to the person who is abandoned.

The great love of Eva Grimaldi and Imma Battaglia

The meeting that really changed Eva’s life is undoubtedly the one with Imma Battaglia, which took place in a moment of great difficulty for the actress. In what is now his wife, Grimaldi has found listening, affection and honesty.

A profound feeling, in short, which is reciprocated. After a long courtship, Imma Battaglia gave up and began dating Grimaldi no longer as a simple friend, but a companion for life:

Eve – said Battaglia – behind this incredible beauty is a beautiful, fragile, human, sweet, welcoming woman.

Eva and Imma, who base their story on strong feelings and shared values ​​they have learned from their families, are an example of how life in a dark moment can suddenly change and become what no one would ever expect.

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