Eva Grimaldi: loves, weaknesses and humanity. The secrets of a beautiful 50 year old

Eva Grimaldi: loves, weaknesses and humanity. The secrets of a beautiful 50 year old

Eva, the Cougars and Beijing Express Eva Grimaldi and Roberta Garzia: the Cougars represented the women who united and strong reach the end of the goal. Eva – on the wings of success after third place in Beijing Express – lays bare on Tipsforwomens.it and all her joy, her overbearing human side, love for nature and the desire to be normal come out.
Even if you did not arrive first, you are the moral winners of Beijing Express, what has left you and how do you feel after this experience? I thank Beijing Express, it was a great journey of humanity, where real wealth came out, which is not money, but humanity and the welcome of people. Even with the cameras turned off, they were wonderful and welcoming. A journey to discover different places and cultures, to discover humanity itself and one's self. When you are there you run into yourself and your limits. When I had to cross the street I didn't find the pedestrian crossings, I realized that we are used to rules and there are none. And I asked myself: is it better where the rules are or where they aren't?
And what do you think? I found myself very well in Beijing, I found respect for others and for nature. Because respect comes from within, there is no need for rules
Are female solidarity and friendship important to you? As you said before, we didn't win, but with us women have won and we represent women. Roberta and Eva, the Cougars – or call us as you wish – are two beautiful women, two colleagues, who go hand in hand with the same goal without wasting time.
You represent a model of woman who can be realized even with friendship without the need to have a man next to her and children. We do not represent a model of woman, but all women: the Cougars are strong and independent women who are emancipated and always in shape. So I threw the cigarettes away to show that a real cougar also quits smoking. But, basically, I don't like labels, even the Cougar label that is given to 50-year-old women who are with young toyboys does not drive me crazy. But when a 50-year-old man is with a girl 20 he is cool.
So it's important for you not to label, Cougar yes, but to a certain point. Exactly, prejudices or labels only waste time. Projects for the future? I haven't signed anything yet and can't talk about it, but I'm considering interesting proposals. It's not about cinema or fiction, we'll know in a little while. In the meantime, I'm writing a four-handed play with Roberta Garzia. We carry on this working couple.
How much desire to provoke is there in you? That little red dress you put on "Those who play football" … (Eva laughs) Oh … while I was already sitting and I thought: "This armchair is too low", but by now it was late. Of course I could put on pants or a longer skirt, but I have nice legs and zero cellulite and so: "Do I cross or not cross?". And I crossed
Your beauty secret? You like men but also women for your sympathy … do you want to reveal it to the readers of Tipsforwomens.it? Thank you thank you. I am a beauty sleep fanatic. It is very important because the facial cells are regenerated at night, I follow small and simple rules, fundamental to get fit in 50 years. What are they? Proper nutrition, a little sport, a healthy and normal life as possible, no drugs and little alcohol. Things I've encountered in my life, but I've made choices and said "No"
You said that in a painful moment of your life you were sliding into alcohol
Yes I was slipping, I risked becoming an alcoholic, sometimes at 50 you risk hitting the bottom more than twenty. Friends have been a great help
You have a good relationship with Gabriel Garko, your beautiful ex-lover: you are good at maintaining relationships with former loves and it is not easy
Yes, they are people who have loved you and when love ends there is always a reason. If I had still been married to my ex-husband, maybe I wouldn't have done Beijing and many other things. Maybe he was right, I'm more of a housewife than Eva Grimaldi. And housewife Milva Perinoni came out to Beijing. Your humanity has come out Yes, exactly I come from a very poor family, I have not studied, I was poor and I was based on an Eva character – in the 80s it was also fashionable to change name – and I became Eva from Milva. Have I been good I never quarreled Milva and Eva are two sides of the same coin?
They are two worlds that have never met, the face is the same. Milva remained still and abandoned in a corner with her weaknesses while Eva exploded, she didn't care about everyone and she always had fun. It's not that I'm not true, every now and then I turn into Eva, I play with it as "Quelli che il calcio".

But how does Milva dress when she is not Eva?
I'm always in a hurry, I'm sporty and practical like now: flat shoes, ankle pants and colored striped socks. And an iPad mini on the stock exchange and off you go

Who is Eva thinking about right now, is there someone in your life who takes care of you, is there a love or not?

I no longer speak of my private life. I'm fine, very good, I'm just calm

Is there anything you would like to say that they never asked you?

I would like to talk about my profession: without humanity you cannot be an actress, you simply cannot love. When they ask me how it is to act, what it feels like, I answer that it is not a profession: it is art, it is love, it is sacrifice.
It is depriving yourself of everything. Acting does not make you rich but makes you rich in love and humanity. And for what I immediately did Beijing Express because I found in it all these perfect ingredients that allowed me to bring out my humanity. Without humanity you cannot be an actress and you cannot love. Acting is a form of love.
What is missing for you in this world? A bit of Beijing Express is missing, Beijing Express is the world and the backpack is Italy. We faced Beijing Express – that is, the world – with an Italian backpack, because the hotel is not the world, the world is Beijing Express.
We need more savings, more respect and get involved a bit.

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