Facial Cupping: what is face cupping and how does it work?

Facial Cupping: what is face cupping and how does it work?

Comes from China and is a treatment loved by the stars: we talk about facial cupping, to stimulate tissues and promote circulation. Let's find out!

Do you know those red and round spots often seen on the skin of athletes, but also on some stars? It is cupping, a method to stimulate blood circulation and drain fluids, which would also have beneficial effects at the muscular level, to relieve pain and stiffness. Many stars also use it, such as Jennifer Aniston and Gwineth Paltrow. And you will certainly have seen them used to treat the hated cellulite, to perform a massage that helps reduce it and firm and compact the skin.

But on the face? What is it used for and how is it used?

Facial Cupping is a treatment that uses the same methodology as body cupping, but more delicate and with smaller cups. In fact, the mechanism underlying these sessions is suction: silicone cups of various sizes are placed on the skin and pressed lightly so that the air is sucked in and the tissues are lifted upwards. They are then moved to make a massage, changing them according to the area to be treated. The effects of this massage are a general improvement of the blood circulation and a rejuvenation of the tissues, which receive more oxygen. The production of collagen is also stimulated, resulting in a more compact, luminous, more deflated skin and, over time, the facial cupping also has a toning action of the areas of the face that tend to relax, such as the neck and facial contours, in addition to reducing imperfections and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Moreover, if done correctly, the treatment has decongestant and detoxifying effects also on the area of ​​the dark circles and bags, resulting in a fresher, younger and rested face.

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Together with the cups, the specialist will also use a combo of skincare products suitable for the skin and which, thanks to the massage, will penetrate deeper, for an enhanced action. Each session lasts approximately 15/30 minutes and, before starting, the skin must be thoroughly cleansed, so that it is ready to receive not only the massage, but the active ingredients applied. We tend to prefer oils, full-body serums or butters, so that the cup easily slips into the skin, for a massage that is not only invigorating, but also relaxing.

Be careful though! Face and body cupping are very different, even in the execution. To begin with, the facial cupping has smaller cups and is much more delicate than body cupping. So don't worry about those strange signs, which are nothing more than blood coming to the surface, because you won't have any bruises or liquid stagnation during your face cupping session. Furthermore, compared to body cupping, thought more for a healing effect, the facial cupping has a predominantly aesthetic action, improving the skin's tone and appearance.

This type of massage can also be performed independently and online it is easy to find everything you need. But we must be very careful not to pull the skin too much and perform the massage gently, making sure that we have applied a good dose of oil or product that makes the cup slide on the face. Start at the center of the face and move the cups outwards, as when applying your usual face cream.

Before treatment, it would be advisable not to take drugs that make the blood too fluid and avoid caffeine, alcohol and salty food that ignite the tissues. It is also not recommended during pregnancy or in the case of damaged skin or in the presence of skin rashes and consistent acne. It is also a good rule, after every face and body treatment, to hydrate at the best by drinking a lot of water, to eliminate toxins and promote the draining effect.

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