Fainting: how to recognize them, prevent them and understand their causes

Fainting: how to recognize them, prevent them and understand their causes

Fainting can occur for various reasons and affect any age group: how to recognize the causes and prevent them

Fainting is an annoying problem that can affect any type and age group. In fact, they occur for various reasons and are not only due to excessive heat (although in summer they are more frequent): there are people who faint from a strong emotion, after intense physical exertion, in front of great pain or because they cannot bear. the sight of blood

What happens when you lose consciousness? There is a common element in all fainting: the brain does not receive enough blood and shuts down.

In summer, one of the most frequent causes is hypotension, although, remember the general picture must always be framed and defined by the doctor.

If the maximum blood pressure falls below 70 ml of mercury, there may be loss of consciousness: the heart is unable to overcome the force of gravity necessary to push the blood to the brain, resulting in a temporary lack of oxygen to the control centers of the body. We need to understand why the pressure drops, go back to the causes.

In the body we have pressure monitors located along the neck artery. These control centers have the task of ascertaining that the blood pressure is falling and alert the cardiovascular system that reacts with an increase in beats and peripheral vasoconstriction.If this mechanism does not work properly, there may be a drop in blood supply to the brain with loss of consciousness.

Warning signs of fainting are nausea, weakness, blurry vision, and heavy sweating.

There are also cases of "swallowing syncope": if you ingest a bite that is too large, the esophagus reacts with a spasm that leads to a drop in pressure and a slowing of beats.

Syncope, albeit occasional, must always be studied by the doctor and the correct tests must be done to understand its origin and possible treatment and prevention.

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