Fall fashion 2022: what will we wear next season?

moda autunno 2022

Fall fashion 2022: how will we dress? What will the trends be? Will we be able to find our personal style? Here are all the questions we will answer in this CheDonna style guide, to always be at the top!

For many of us, summer has yet to begin and we can’t wait for the much-loved holidays to arrive to be able to relax under the sun or discover a new city. Despite this, this is also the right time to look to the future e discover all the trends for next seasonto always be in line with all the fashion news!

fall fashion 2022

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Fashions change year after year. The big names in fashion interpret the thoughts and lifestyles of future buyers and study society, so that the proposed collections are real reflections and each of us can find their own personality and individuality in the proposed trends.

We have already seen the fashion shows that will cover the fall / winter 2022 fashion and then we are ready to see what trends we will not be able to do without.

Are you ready to discover the fashion of the future? Let’s begin!

Fall / winter 2022-23 fashion: the future / classic combination will be the strong point of all 2023 fashion!

Society has never been more inclusive. Individual truth is what distinguishes the world population at this precise historical moment. There is a need to tell about oneself without filters or schemes, so the whole world of fashion revolves around this need and creates collections never seen before!

fall fashion 2022

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see together what they will be the key points of autumn 2022 fashion:

  • bustiers and tank tops: two elements that we will bring with us from summer fashion are the bustier or corset top and the tank top, the ribbed tank top. They are two simple garments, but which in function of super complex looks are the right key to interpret the new trends. To be worn with low-view cargo pants or patent leather leggings.
  • tartan: we have never tired of this fabric that has been predominant in the most elegant collections, such as those of Chaneland in the more innovative ones, such as Balmain or Versace. The fact remains that tartan fabric will have to be present in our autumn looks.
  • mini skirts and low waist: although there is a general propensity towards the future it is impossible not to notice the references of the trends that characterized the fashion of the 2000s. For example? Super low waisted pants and super short mini skirts! It’s time to dust off our closet and get back to our favorite low-rise pant.
  • colors by quantity: winter will no longer be dark and gloomy, because trends say yes to colors. Red, fuchsia, green, burgundy. Monochromatic or super matched outfits. The important thing is that there is color! By the way, a personality for every outfit! Discover the look that suits you best!

fall fashion 2022

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Now we have no more excuses: we know all the trends for next season and we can’t wait to create the trendiest looks of the moment.

In the meantime, what to do? We continue to study and see what the fashions of the future will be, to be perfect and in step with all the news from the world of fashion!

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