Farewell to Marco Occhetti, former voice of the Country Cousins: the heartfelt greeting of his daughter Giulia

The world of pop music mourns the death of Marco Occhetti, the historic former voice of the Cousins ​​of the Countryside

The world of pop music has lost one of its most refined and particular voices. Marco Occhetti, known as Kim, passed away due to cardiac arrest at the age of only 62. His daughter Giulia talked about it on Facebook, in a moving message that immediately collected the many comments of those who knew the singer, but also of those who never forgot him after the experience in the Cousins ​​of the Countryside.

Marco Occhetti, the words of his daughter Giulia

“As you may have read, unfortunately my father passed away last night. Thank you all for the messages you have written to him. Dad was a mess and he would have liked to have many people around to remember him “, these are the words shared by Giulia Occhetti on Facebook, in memory of dad Marco. A message as simple as it was moved that soon made the rounds of social media and brought to the surface in the minds of many people that golden period, between the eighties and nineties, in which Marco Occhetti had achieved success with the Cousins ​​of Countryside.

Giulia then provided some more information about the funeral of the singer and musician, scheduled for April 25 at 3 pm in the Church of Santo Stefano Protomartire, in Fiano Romano. An opportunity to say goodbye to an artist who has lived a life entirely dedicated to music, despite difficult times.

Marco Occhetti, the success with the Country Cousins

While admiring the exploits of Nick Luciani of the Cousins ​​of the Countryside on the Isola dei Famosi 2022, probably many (especially the very young) do not know the history of the band and do not know that before the singer with the blond curly hair the falsetto voice was precisely that of Marco Occhetti. The artist, who called himself Kim, joined the band launched by Renzo Arbore and Gianni Boncompagni at Alto Gradimento in 1986, taking over from Paul Manners.

Those years between 1986 and 1994 were dazzling, full of great successes and brought Occhetti and the other members of the group, including the founders Silvano and Ivano Michetti, around the world to the sound of iconic songs such as Anima Mia, Peppe’s dance, Wonderfully, my man and many others.

Marco Occhetti, the difficulties after the farewell to the Campaign cousins

The years in the Cousins ​​of the Countryside have given Marco Occhetti a stellar success, thanks above all to his voice that with the falsetto was able to reach notes impossible for most singers. Yet in 1994 the artist decided to leave the Michetti twins band, after having recorded an album (the only one) Kimera, which did not have a great response from the public.

That decision was the beginning of a difficult path for Occhetti who found himself forced to perform on the street from the most prestigious stages in the world. He had talked about it some time ago in a rare interview, released to the weekly Di Più: “I was rich, famous and I traveled the world. Now in order to survive I am forced to perform on the street and I hope for the benevolence of the people to scrape together a few coins. But no one will ever hear me sing My Soul, it hurts me too much to think about what I no longer have ”.

Marco Occhetti’s life changed drastically, to the point of being affected also in the private and personal sphere: “My life fell apart – he explained in the interview -, my savings ended, I separated from the woman with whom I had a daughter (Giulia , ed) and the locals no longer called me to sing. I went to live with my mother and brother, both of whom were disabled, but my mother’s pension was not enough. I had the regret of what my life could have been “.

Marco Occhetti

Marco “Kim” Occhetti, former voice of the Country Cousins

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