Farewell to Pepe Salvaderi of Dik Dik. "Hello brother, friend, great musician"

Dik Dik

Farewell to Pepe Salvaderi great musician and historical founder of Dik Dik. Greetings from colleagues: "Hello brother, friend, great musician"

The world of music mourns the death of Erminio "Peppe" Salvaderi, well-known musician and co-founder of Dik Dik, the famous Isle of Wight band. The death of the artist was announced by Enrico Ruggeri who posted a long message on Twitter, recalling the success of the group and the bond with Salvaderi. “Dik Dik were the ones who brought the Decibel ribbon to our first record company – wrote the Milanese singer-songwriter -. We recorded the first album with Pepe Salvaderi always present in the studio, together with Giancarlo and poor Joe Vescovi. Many memories. A hug Pepe, wherever you are now ".

Shortly after, the Dik Dik also wanted to say goodbye to Pepe Salvaderi. On Facebook, Giancarlo Sbrizolo and Pietro Montalbetti greeted their friend, amid strong memories and emotions. “Hi Pepe, you went to play with the angels and you left us here to cry and remember you forever – we read -. Knowing your innate irony you will have done it like this without warning us to play your songs, our songs even louder, so loud as to reach the sky and the sky will be with you to listen to us. We have not lost you and we will never lose you – he concluded – because you are and will always be within us and we promise you one thing, the last job, what you wanted so much will not be lost. Hi brother, friend, great musician, hi Pepe we will meet in all our dreams ”.

After the sudden death of Stefano D’Orazio, the famous drummer of the Poohs, the world of Italian music loses another important protagonist. Pepe Salvaderi was one of the founders of Dik Dik, a band from Milan born in the second half of the sixties. A fundamental element of the group, he sang as a second voice, as well as playing the keyboard and rhythm guitar. Passionate about music from an early age, he began his career studying guitar with Miguel Alberniz, later with childhood friends, Lallo (Giancarlo Sbriziolo) and Pietruccio (Pietro Montalbetti), he founded Dik Dik in 1965.

The name of the band derives from that of an African gazelle. Born in the fifties with another name, Dik Dik came to success after signing with the Ricordi record company, then the debut with 1-2-3 / If you stay with me and fame in 1966 with Sognando la California.

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