Farewell to Sara Melodia, queen of Elena Sofia Ricci and Argentero's fictions

Elena Sofia Ricci

Farewell to Sara Melodia, queen of fiction and woman behind the success of the Elena Sofia Ricci and Luca Argentero series

The entertainment world mourns the death of Sara Melodia, queen of fiction and brilliant mind behind the most followed series starring Luca Argentero and Elena Sofia Ricci. Lux Vide's editorial director has disappeared, leaving a huge void in the lives of many actors and colleagues who knew her. In fact, Sara had been the screenwriter of Don Matteo and Undercover, also contributing to the success of Doc – In your hands to Che God help us.

Mother of Maddalena, Benedetta and Filippo Mara, Sara joined the Lux Vide team in 1999 and since then she has collected one victory after another. Not only her colleagues remembered her, but also the many actors who starred in her fiction and who wanted to say goodbye for the last time. Among them Elena Sofia Ricci, Raoul Bova and Rocio Munoz Morales, Giusy Buscemi, Pierpaolo Spollon, Daniele Liotti, Francesca Chillemi, Erasmo Genzini, Gianmarco Saurino and the director Jan Maria Michelini.

The production company paid tribute to Sara Melodia with a message posted on social media: "Today our hug goes to the one who has given a soul to our favorite series. Dear Sara, in the end you gave up too – we read in support of a shot in which the editorial director smiles -. You left Lux Vide for a better place. Many had tried to take you away from us, editorial groups, producers. Everyone wanted the Queen of Fiction. But you always said no. Not for money, not for career. You remained for Love. Love of that project which belonged to Ettore Bernabei and now belongs to Luca and Matilde ”.

“You stayed to tell stories that warm the heart, to bring characters to life who were like good friends for the audience – we read -. You stayed to make people dream. And also to call us late at night and get back in line. You have lived a thousand lives, because in every lady, every soldier, in every priest on a bicycle or stock exchange trader there was a piece of you. You have chosen lights, hair, jokes. You edited script pages and cut movie minutes. Seeing the light on in your office made us go home peacefully. We had the best, the one piece, the talent that happens once in a generation. Yet you left us. In the end, you accepted the offer of the only one to whom you could not say no. Hi Sara, we miss you to break our heart. Please keep the light on up there. We will watch it and go home quietly, knowing that you are there. Have a good trip".

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