Farewell to Silvia Delfino, she was 51 years old and was very much loved

Addio Silvia Delfino

Actress Silvia Delfino passed away: a great talent, a reserved life, a loved one and incredibly appreciated for her skill

The world of entertainment mourns the death of Silvia Delfino, an extraordinary dancer and actress, much loved, who died prematurely at the age of 51. To spread the news was her husband, the director Massimo Natale.

During her long and rich career, dance and acting were the areas in which she demonstrated the talent that led her to make herself known and to take part in many projects. She leaves a void in the world that will be felt for a long time and which will not be replaceable.

Silvia Delfino left us at 51: her career

Deep dark eyes, as well as hair, Silvia Delfino was 1970 casse and was born in Rome in October. He had started her first steps with her education, she was in fact a student of the Ballet school of the Capital, where she graduated. From there her career has come a long way with many interpretations on the stages of theaters but also in front of the camera.

In his curriculum you can remember some musicals, plays and films: in which he has shown all his talent. To mention some of his works, we can remember: Arcobaleno, directed by Gino Landi with Lino Banfi, Being able to make you laugh with Gino Bramieri and Un Paio D’ali with Sabrina Ferilli. Among other projects he worked on Stanno playing our song, directed by the extraordinary and late Gigi Proietti. With Sabrina Ferilli he worked again in Rugantino, where there was also the actor Valerio Mastandrea. A remarkable artistic talent, her, which made her an appreciated and beloved artist.

The works in the theater were many and full of satisfactions like when she went on stage with Two women and a crime together with Giorgia Wurth, by Valentina Capacci, directed by Massimo Natale, a show that skilfully mixed rivalry, mystery and light tones of comedy

In her professional career there was no lack of forays on the big screen, directed by her husband Massimo Natale. She was in the cast of The Summer of Martino in 2010 and of The Translator in 2015, in the latter film she starred alongside Claudia Gerini, Eva Grimaldi and Anna Safroncik. In 2016, instead, she Festina Lente historical dramatic film directed by Lucilla Colonna.

Silvia Delfino, private life

Apparently Silvia Delfino was very reserved when it comes to private life. On her social networks there is no trace of her or her or her husband. Perhaps they both preferred to let her over the years leak their art instead of their private life. Instead, there are some interviews, but to which both have always talked about work, a profession that for the couple has been synonymous with success and satisfaction and which has led them to work with some of the most important and famous names in the world of Italian acting.

If Silvia Delfino has dedicated her career above all to dance and acting, her husband Massimo Natale in the past has also shown communication skills by covering the role of press office. He played the role of director both behind the camera and in the theater.

Now the announcement of the death of Silvia Delfino, a talented performer and artist. Her death leaves a deep and unbridgeable void in the entertainment world.

Goodbye Silvia Delfino

Actress Silvia Delfino

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