Federica Gentile, the special prize of the Golden Microphone goes to the speaker

Federica Gentile, the special prize of the Golden Microphone goes to the speaker

Federica Gentile, an example of passion and dedication for those who aspire to work in the radio, has obtained a truly special award

The passion for one's work, dedication, preparation and sacrifices can go a long way and can lead to great satisfaction. Federica Gentile, an extremely professional and highly talented radio speaker, who has received special recognition, knows this well.

In her hometown, Rome, and in the wonderful setting of Cinecittà World, precisely at Theater 1, Federica Gentile was honored with a special prize for the eleventh edition of the Microfono D'Oro, an event organized by Fabrizio Pacifici and Cosetta Turco that aims to identify successful radio broadcasts and to gratify the personalities most appreciated by listeners and who, during the year.

The special prize obtained by Federica Gentile thanks to the quality jury and the approval of the public is, without a shadow of a doubt, more than deserved. Behind him, on the other hand, he has an important apprenticeship and an important career. In fact, it can boast of leading successful programs on both radio and television.

Passionate about radio and writing since her university days, once she obtained a degree in Communication Sciences and Technologies, she started working for Rai in 1989 as a presenter and author. Over the years, she has also been a columnist on Domenica In and, on Radiocorriere, led a column of her own, 'A Gentile Request'.

For Rai, he also commented on the Eurovision Song Contest, which will soon take place in Italy, in the 2012-2013 editions, and has held the role of representative of our country for the votes. Then in 2014, he joined the RTL 102.5 team, where he is currently one of the voices of W Italy. At the same time, she is also the artistic director of Radio Zeta.

In short, the special prize obtained is the result of an important work carried out continuously over time, which could not bring her other than great satisfaction. Suffice it to say that, before her, the recognition had been assigned to personalities such as Enrica Bonaccorti, Claudio Lippi and Enzo Salvi.

La Gentile, who celebrated the prize received at the Microfono D'Oro on Instagram, still has many projects ahead of her: she will soon host the Buon event together with Angelo Baiguini, live on RTL102.5 from the Arena di Verona. birthday Jerry Calà. Federica, with her work, thus represents an example of passion and dedication for those who dream, one day, of being able to work on the radio.

Federica Gentile

Federica Gentile celebrates the special recognition of the Golden Microphone on Instagram.

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