Federica Panicucci on the divorce from Mario Fargetta: "I was not happy"

Federica Panicucci on the divorce from Mario Fargetta: "I was not happy"

On the occasion of the release of her book, Federica Panicucci returns to talk about her story with Mario Fargetta

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Today she is happy next to her partner Marco Bacini, but in the past Federica Panicucci has faced difficult times, finding the courage to change her life and turn the page after her divorce from Mario Fargetta. And it is on the occasion of the release of her autobiography that the presenter of Mattino 5 returns to talk about separation and her newfound happiness.

The book written by Federica Panicucci is entitled The courage to be happy. He tells you about his brilliant career, from his beginnings to today through his greatest professional achievements, but also his private life, in a sort of memorandum that reveals much of what lies behind the radiant smile of the presenter. In a long interview with Corriere della Sera, Panicucci tackled a rather thorny issue: the courage to change one's life.

“When you understand that you don't have the life you wanted, you need the courage to understand that change is an act you do for your happiness and that of those around you. Awareness is already the first step "- Federica explained -" Sometimes, you feel you are not happy, but put the dust under the carpet and go on by inertia ". It is easy to perceive, in his words, a clear reference to his relationship with the DJ Mario Fargetta, married in 2006. From their union two children were born, Sofia and Mattia, but after 20 years of love and 9 of marriage they broke up .

“It happened to me when I looked in private and realized that a life path had ended. That change was a leap in the dark, but doing it helped me, my children, everyone ”- admitted Panicucci. Her path to a new life was not easy, hindered by the need to correspond to the image that others had of her. “My problem has always been that I was trying to be like others wanted me to be. I had to understand that Federica wasn't me and accept the hypothesis of a new path. The instant in which I did it is the instant in which I started to be happy "- revealed Federica.

The presenter had already talked about this journey, so long and intimate, within her deepest self during an interview with Verissimo, also telling some details about her new life. Today she is in fact happy next to Marco Bacini, a mature and very solid love that could soon lead to a marriage.

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